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download page:link
license:open source
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Oriol gaming zone
release:January 2016
last edit by:Dark


Thief is a fast action arcade puzzle game, and sort of a spiritual successor to thee Lworks classic Lock pick.. Once again, you have been a most successful criminal, making it into the high security bank vaut past all the guards and alarms, and once more your faced with a seemingly endless selection of safety deposit boxes, all brimming with cash for you to get your greedy little fingers into. The only problem is, the boxes are all locked. This time however there are no wheels and tumblers, since bank security has gone digital. All you need to do to open each lock is input the right number. Even easier, there are only 7 numbers to choose from. Only problem is, three wrong answers and the lock seals forever. On the plus side, the sooner you can solve each lock, the more time you'll have to crack more locks and hopefully make it away before the cops show up and arrest you (if your lucky).

The game is simple and easy to play, just use the numbers 1-7 to make your guess and listen to the sound that indicates if your guess is too high or too low. When you get one box open or fail with three guesses you'll immediately move on to the next one. That's it!

Created with The blastbay game toolkit The game now is abandonware. Furthermore, since antivirus programs read anything made with Bgt as a virus, you'll need to add an exception to windows defender in order to play the game. Though Oriol only now provides source code versions of his BGt projects on the above page, the audiogames archive do have a fully compiled version of the game, which can be downloaded at the above link.

For more on Oriol and his games, you can visit The Oriol Gaming zone page on the audiogames archive

Happy gaming, and watch out for the law.



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