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developer:sneaky crab productions
release:January 2015
features:text, sound, visuals
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Timecrest is a truly immursive game from new developer Sneaky crab productions. On the one hand, the game is similar to one button travel and some other real time gamebook style games available for Ios, on the other it is rather more.

As the story begins, you find that your phone has been sinked to a mystical pocket watch owned by Ash, a teenaged mage on the world of Alynsia, a world about to be destroyed by a deadly rain of meteors.

Together with Ash, you must discover the reason for the meteor's fall, what synister forces might be acting at the Timecrest magical academy, and what happened all those years ago when the meteors first appeared.

On the surface, this is apparently a traditional gamebook, where you simply make choices in your text conversations with Ash, suggesting courses of action and occasionally acting as moral support, however there is a good bit more to Timecrest than this.

Firstly, as with some similar games, Timecrest is played in real time. Thus, if Ash needs to travel somewhere, or sleep or otherwise be engaged, you will need to wait for him to finish and contact you, recieving notiffications on your Iphone or your Apple watch should you have one. uniquely however, you can speed up some of the choices with uses of special items, such as time crystals which can be earned throughout the game or bought with an in Ap purchice, or other devices such as teleportation orbs that allow Ash access to some specific locations as well as instant travel.

You will also need to take control of Ash's finances, inventory, and any spells he might earn throughout his adventures, as well as later, the map he uses to travel around alynsia.

Additionally, as well as exploring various different alternative responses and paths for the story, you can develop relations with other characters, earning relationship points and even choosing to follow them on twitter should you wish to.

Extensive work has gone into the game's accessibility, even including a mode which wrenders many of the fantasy spellings and names in such a way as to be understandable by voiceover, as well as sounds for notifications, easily labeled tabs and a handy help button to give assistance on any screen in the game.

You can play through the first two chapters of the story for free, after that point the rest must be purchiced. Since however the game currently comprises two volumes of five chapters each with more on the way, each chapter taking a very long time to complete, you will certainly get plenty of gaming time for your money.

With an extensive and beautifully composed soundtrack containing 14 different tracks, a fascinating and definitely alien other world, and characters who are truly engaging, Timecrest is a game which transcends the usual limits of gamebook or choice adventures, and is highly worth a look.

As usual with Ios titles, timecrest has it's own Page on the applevis site


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