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Tiny zebras rock

title:Tiny zebras rock
download page:link
genre:Word Games
developer:Richard De steno
platform:Windows, Ios
release:April 2013
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Tiny Zebra's rock is a varient of the word game Hang man which also resembles the quiz show game Wheel of fortune. Originally developed by Richard De Steno for Dos back in the nineties, now a version exists for Windows which, unlike many other old Dos titles will run on any version of modern windows just as it did back in the day.

The game is a very quick one to pick up and play and perfect for a brain resting break. As in Hang man, the object is to guess letters of the alphabet to finally guess a word within a limited number of tries. In Tiny Zebra's rock however, what you need to guess is a phrase made of a descriptive verb, a nown, and an adjective, such as the game's title.

Another difference from the classic Hang man is the inclusion of points. Starting off with 100 points, each guess will cost five until your down to zero. Guetting a correct word will earn back a few points, and of course the quicker you guess the hole phrase, the more points you keep.

The game also contains several amusing sound effects, and is even available for Ios in the Richard De Steno game's bundle in the ap store.

A page for the De Steno games can be found Here on the Applevis site

Thanks also goes to Kelly Sapergia for hosting the Windows versions of Richard De Steno's games on his website.


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