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To the Dragon Cave

title:To the Dragon Cave
download page:No link!
genre:Action Games
developer:Kikiriki Games
platform:iOS, Android
release:May, 2022
features:text, sound
last edit by:pitermach


Liberate yourself from the throes of a powerful dragon, escape from a stone tower and wander hither and thither in the far-away land of Laudonia.

Not for a single moment will you be safe, that's for sure. Hordes of enemies lie in waiting at each step of your dangerous wanderings. Bloodthirsty sheep, giant spiders, skeletons, zombie trees and lots of other dark creatures strive to seize your soul.

You, however, are endowed with a mission that drives you forward. Therefore, you shall never give up.

To the Dragon Cave is the first audio game from the Czech studio Kikiriki Games. You live a normal life of a princess, until you are kidnapped by a huge, 3-headed dragon who also blinds you with his brilliant flames in the process. Fortunately, a charming prince sets out on his way to save you… Only to get trapped himself! With that in mind, being skilled with both a sword and bow you decide to take matters into your own hands, accompanied by your trusty talking dove.

The gameplay can best be described as Audio Defense set in medieval fantasy. Every level will begin with a cut scene introducing you to the enemies you’ll be faced with. After that, you take control of the princess and have to fight your way out. You will hear the enemies coming toward you in stereo and have to turn to face them by swiping right or left on the screen. Faster swipes will turn you faster. Once the enemy is centered you can go on the offensive with either your bow, which hits from a long range but deals less damage, or your sword which requires the enemy to be very close but deals much more damage. You can select the weapon by swiping with 2-fingers to the left for the bow or to the right for the sword, and finally swipe up with 1 finger to shoot.

At the end of every level you’ll be presented with some statistics on how well you did as well as how much gold you made. Enemies killed with the bow are worth more gold. You can then either proceed to the next level, or go into the shop to purchase healing potions, extra arrows, or an upgraded sword or fireballs which you get access to later in the game.

The main story of the game will take you through a number of varied locations from the castle, to a forest, an endless lake as well as the titular Dragon Cave. The typical battle levels are occasionally interrupted by short escape sequences which will require you to avoid various obstacles by swiping in the opposite direction of where they’re coming from, whether that’s huge trolls or massive waves on the water. Beating the main story gives you access to an endless mode. This, as the name would suggest puts you in a battle against every enemy in the game and tests how long you can survive. The endless mode also includes a leaderboard, so you can see how well you stack up compared to your friends or other players in the game.

The game is fully voice acted and localized into English and Czech, with Polish and Spanish languages coming soon. It also offers excellent sound design and haptics making every enemy you face sound absolutely terrifying.

To the Dragon Cave is available for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play.


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