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download page:No link!
platform:windows, Steam
release:June 2019
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Trawel, despite being written comparatively recently, and even only through Steam, is actually a throwback to console style rpgs similar to World of legends, or The wastes, possible to play in two modes, the basis of play is quite simple, just select the number of the choice you want.

The game can be played in two different adventure modes, death strider, and a j rpg, which concentrates more on the stats and managing a party of different characters, rather than exploring locations.

In the death strider mode, find yourself on a quest to avenge the death of your companion, with a name, race and set of stats generated for you. Fight in the arena, or explore forests and dungeons to find opponents, constantly upgrade your equipment from a wide selection of randomly generating pieces of armour, then travel the world, journeying to different locations, exploring mines or defending ports from pirates.

Trawel has a particularly unique battle system, where during each round your presented with a number of combat options, told the amount of delay they take (how long it'll take to execute them), and how much damage in terms of sharp, blunt and pierce they do. Given that different types and materials of weapon have different effects on armour, this can make combats fairly involved, as well as rather statistical, though of course you can review information before making choices.

The game does have a few rather odd decisions in terms of it's layout, particularly, the way that in forests or dungeons, there is no "back", option, and simply going towards one location will give you a bunch of others to explore in a menu, thus meaning that say when you go up stairs, you won't be told you've changed floors, just see the "stairs" option at the top of your menu and things to explore under it. This can take a little getting used to, but is no problem as long as you stay abrest of what is happening.

with both randomly generating areas and some specific bosses, as well as diverse items from an inventory full of gear to draw or keep away certain monster types, the game has a lot to explore, and therefore is definitely a treat for those who like looking around a large world.

the game costs 3.99 euroes, however a demo also exists, which lacks a few randomly generating options, and is an earlier version of the game. This also means the demo is a little more buggy than the main game and things like saving do not work as well in the demo.

Downloading the demo or buying the main game can be done on the above page via Steam, and for those creating shortcuts, once the game is downloaded, just find the runtrawel.bat file in the trawel directory your steam folder to run the game.

Happy trawels.


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