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Treasures of a slavers kingdom

title:Treasures of a slavers kingdom
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Cumberland games
last edit by:Dark


Cumberland games primarily design systems for tabletop role play adventures with an actual gm. Treasures of a slavers kingdom however uses their encounter crytical system, combined with the familiar interactive fiction creation language inform to deliver a game that is one part usual interactive fiction, one part rpg turn based combat, with a good dose of mighty barbarian thews, weerd psudo science fantasy, and random humour thrown in.

Styled as to come from some alternative (and actually quite nice sounding), 1979 where rpgs in text were a little more common, Treasures of a slavers' kingdom is very much a comedy adventure which pretends to be serious. Taking on the roll of a Conan like barbarian who has recently escaped captivity as a slave, you will need to wander the kingdom of the slaver King, the most terrifyingly nasty ruler in all the semi scientific and entirely strange world of Vanth. Of course, your aime is to get into his thrown room and reak bloody vengence upon him. This will require weaponry, armour, companions and the solving of several puzzles to be victorious.

Combat, while not complex is very adequate to the task, and the highly humourus descriptions keep things extremely interesting, and there are three difficulties of combat so that if the dice aren't your friends you should still be able to get through the game. Though the game has puzzles, as there are very few commands for interacting with your environment, the puzzles really are not too toughsinse they all mostly involve using one thing with another thing, or indeed person, which is why slavers is likely to find far more favour with rpg fans than interactive fiction fans (indeed some of the reviews it has had from If fans have been less than kind).

While not a serious game by any stretch of the imagination, the game does however have a modestly large amount of teretory to explore and will take a while to finish, plus there are multiple endings.

Though originally a commercial game, Treasures of a slavers Kingdom has now been released as freeware. The above link will download the full archive containing the game, and several password locked documents that contain solutions and other useful material, plus source code for anyone who wants to write a similar game.

Sinse the game is Zcode, you'll need an interpreter such as Filfre or Win frotz to play it.

The documents are pdfs, so you'll need Adoby acrobat reader found here Also note however, that to prevent cheating the documents are secured pdfs and cannot be converted to text. As such you'll need a screen reader which is compatible with the acrobat reader program to read them, though if your stuck you could always use the "read out loud" option found in the edit menue of Acrobat reader to have the document read by sapi.

With random and slightly over the top humour, a simple rpg system and puzzles that aren't too bad, this should certainly appeal to fans of traditional, light hearted slash and grab rpgs, especially if you enjoy Red Sonia, Conan the Barbarian and other such mighty and epic fantasy.


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