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genre:Incremental games
developer:Green satellite
platform:Online web browser
features:text, visuals
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Finding yourself mysteriously crashed on an alien planet, you decide that trapping something to eat might be a good idea, so you gather some food, chop some wood and end up with a little creature called a Trimp. Seeing that Trimps have a truly staggering breed rate and the capacity to learn, you decide that these trimps might be more helpful to you as assistants than lunch, you begin training them to perform simple tasks such as gathering food and wood, mining metal, and of course going out in groups to fight the hoards of nasty monsters like Snimps, tirkimps and of course chimps that populate this hostile world. Soon enough, you find yourself general of an army, putting up houses, forging maps to new and unique places, and pressing ever onward as you find out more about your location, a journey that will require you to construct a portal to travel back in time, go into space and face deadlier and stranger things than you could've imagined. This is the opening scenario of Trimps, an incremental game that is one part resource gathering, one part building management, one part strategical battle game, and all around addictive fun.

the basic idea in the game is to progress through numbered zones each containing 100 battles that must be fought through from cell 0 to cell 99, after which you can go on to the next zone and eventually progress further in the story. To help your Trimps stand a fighting chance, you can equip them with weapons and armour like shields, daggers, helmets etc, , of course you can level up this equipment to make it stronger. Of course, all of this equipment needs building and for that you'll need resources, such as wood to make shields, metal for weaponry, science to research valuable equipment upgrades and food so that you can construct housing buildings to increase your trimp population, both to provide you with a larger army, and with more workers to gather further resources.

Every monster you slay will provide you with loot in the form of extra resources and occasionally upgrades, which can range from coordination upgrades to increase the size of your fighting force, to a variety of books that provide increases in the speed of your miners or farmers or teach your trimps some new battle tactics.

After you hit zone six, you will also start earning different lute such as fragments which can be used to build maps to specific areas off the usual beaten track where you can earn some specialised upgrades, such as powerful prestieges for your equipment, as well as find areas rich in resources to gather. Eventually, you will also start coming across maps to darker and more unpleasant regions which will be a challenge for your trimps to enter, though will net you some unique rewards, including the ability to create a time portal to go back in time and resstart your adventure. Restarting however is just the beginning, since as you harvest helium (from fighting Blimps), you can use this helium to cool down your time portal and provide your Trimps some powerful extra perks, everything from gathering more loot to breeding faster. Perks should in turn let you progress in the world, gather even more helium and discover more.

This is of course just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as ever new mechanics and locations are constantly being unlocked. Challenges such as getting to a certain zone without miners or with a limited amount of science which award bonuses if completed, powerful upgrades which help you automate more of the game's processes, extra equipment which can be earned from particularly dangerous maps, the ability to gather a pet, increase your off line loot and and eventually even a tower defence style minigame.

Exceptionally complex though Trimps undoubtedly becomes, the developer has shown an amazing commitment to the game's accessibility, which includes developing a completely screen reader friendly game interface to add useful web controls such as buttons and headings. Indeed, the game uses different levels of headings as a way of quickly skipping between different parts of the interface or of giving extra information. For example, to skip quickly between the resource types, your trimp population and the building cue, you can use 1 and shift 1 to move forward and back. 2 will take you between headings of buildable objects such as buildings, jobs, upgrades and equipment, 3 will jump you straight to the log of events, or to the map of the current zone (with clickable options to fight, begin auto fighting or go to your map chamber), whilst 4 will let you know the stats of your trimps and the enemy, with 5 used to specifically check health. 6 will run straight to a summary of relevant game information such as resource percentages and ratios of your Trimps stats vs the current enemy.

Though several things in the game (such as the button to go to the map chamber or the bone trader), will show as clickable text that can be located with the arrow keys, buttons have been added to quickly find a number of useful controls, including gathering information on each job, structure, upgrade or equipment, and changing the activity of your player from resource gathering to building or trapping trimps. A table has also been added for the all important achievements with tabular information used to show what achievements you have and what your working towards.

This process of providing access to the game's screens continues, with different parts of the interface such as the perks screen receiving similar treatment, and though there might still be the odd part of the game that requires finding text to click or even use a mouseover these are becoming rarer as the access rewrite of the game's more obscure screens progresses.

The game is %100 free to play, though if you look under the "stats" area there is a paypal link for those who wish to donate directly.

Additional resources

A large amount of information is available on The Trimps wiki found here though beware of spoilers for later mechanics or parts of the game. Also note the Guides section found here Which contains several useful guides intended to help new players.

The game also has a Highly active subredit found here

With a fascinating world, a slowly unfolding story, truly addictive gameplay including on the spot waiting for upgrades and always something new to discover, trimps is one of the most unique and truly addictive games seen in a significant while, and comes highly recommended.

Happy Trimping.


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