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genre:Simulation games
developer:Max Barry
platform:Online web brouser
features:text, visuals
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Truckz is the perfect game for anyone who's ever wanted to manage 18 wheels, several tonnes of metal, and a lot of cargo. As you might guess, it's an online big rig trucking simulation game in which you create a driver and attempt to make a prophit hawling a variety of cargo betwene cities acros north and south america and Europe.

The principle is symple. Create a driver, then use your starting money to buy a truck, ---- not a great one of course, because your not especially wealthy, and betters can't be choosers. then, look at whichever city you start in and decide what sort of cargo, ---- and how much, you want to transport. Glance at the map, and hopefully find a place where your cargo is in demand, after which time you need to get behind the wheel and start driving.

Of course, driving your rig isn't such an easy proposition, as y7ou have to cope with bad weather, mechanical failure, The dreaded speeding or legal load carrying figns, and your drivers' exhaustion, ----- in fact the only way to recover from exhaustion is to stop playing for a few hours and let your trucker get some rest.

On the pluss side, once you've got to where your going you can sell off your cargo, hopefully making a prophit which will not only let you buy more cargo and repair your wheels, but also a bigger truck to hawl even more tonnage around, ----and hopefully break down less often.

The game also features many community elements with players able to form companies, which can not only arrange loans to new drivers, but also get you lowered prices in some cities.

Though the game does feature cities marked on a map, all images and other information are nicely labled, an there's nothing which can't be understood from looking at the various statistics and resource lists. The actual interface also heavily uses list boxes, which reduce the amount of links on pages and make thins nice and screen reader friendly.

Happy truckin!


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