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Uncharted Peak

title:Uncharted Peak
url:No link!
download page:No link!
developer:Embermoon Entertainment
platform:Online web brouser
release:August 2012
last edit by:Dark


Sadly Uncharted peak seems to have vanished from the net with no response from the website. This is a great shame as the game definitely had awesome potential especially in it's battle system.

Uncharted peak is a brouser based rpg game with a focus on strategical combat and random generation. undertaking a challenge set out by a king, you face the dangerous journey to the peak, the test of heroes, batling monsters, completing quests and growing more powerfull along the way.

choose to play a character from a number of races such as human, dryador demon, and in various classes from the guardian, a magical warrior to the monk, master of unarmed combat. What however is special in uncharted peak is the combat system. Each fight akes place on a grid, with your character, several monsters and sometimes allies appearing. You will need to spend turns closing the distance to monsters by clicking on what square you want to move to, and when in range attack. With spells to cast, elemental weaknesses, weapon ranges, the use of cover and even magical orbs appearing on the battle field ready to give you a boost, combat is far more than just the hit and hope affair seen in many other games.

Equipment for your character is also generated rather randomly, meaning that hunting for powerfull items is also a more unique activity. After quests are complete, fowl greater boss monsters are slane, your character will progress through the wilderness to eventually face the test of the peak itself and assend to be a true hero. The game however does not stop there, sinse many achievements are available for continuing the game with new characters classes and different races.

The game is completely free and you can create three characters in your profile. As with some other games though, each action in the game such as travelling or fighting takes action points (ap), of which you get a set amount per four hours. Donating to the game you can get instant ap recharges for one dollar each, or alternately upgrade your characters to master or elite status gaining them more ap each turn. You can also upgrade your profile to master or elite, reducing number of adds, allowing more characters and giving some other bennifits. Alternatively, 16 dollars can "buy the game" making all the maximum bennifits for your profile and all created characters perminantly.

with more updates, planned, this is certainly one to watch.

Being standard text web pages with no strange elements, the game is highly accessible. The grid on which battles takes place may take a little getting used to, but so long as you remember your current targit is shown at the top and you will always start targiting a monster, then the grid of squares with their coordinates and contents, and at the bottom the options to move in various directions, attack, cast spells or use items, it should be quite comprehensible. The only bad news on the access front is that creating your account initially requires an image verification capture, however the developer has promised to create accounts for anyone who wants to play, simply send him an E-mail using the link on the sign up page. Once signed up, the capture is thankfully never appears again.

Good luck on your journey to the peak!


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