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Unification Wars

title:Unification Wars
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platform:online Web brouser
features:text, visuals
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Unification wars is a long running member of that family of space stratogy and conquest games played online.

In a war torn galaxy you control an empire, managing it's resources, exploring new planets and assigning them commercial or other duties, building and researching various sorts of spaceships with their own technology, mining resources and generally trying not to have your empire either run out of cash or be blown up by others.

Two things that set this game aside from others of a similar type are artifacts and missions. you can find the artifacts of lost civilizations by digging on the planeths of your empire, which can improve your research or have a number of other effects, giving more background and scope to the game.

The second major aspect of unification wars, is single player missions. The first act work as a tutorial teaching you how to play the game, but once this is finished you can then follow an ongoing story with various twists and turns concerning the galaxy's past, ---- though of course successfully completing said missions will depend upon how well you manage your empire. Thus, even for those who prefer a more solo experience, this game may be appealing.

Another nice aspect from an access point of view is the fact that new features are given as rewards to missions, thus for instance at the start of the game you can only assign planets to commercial status, and need to complete some missions to gain other choices. This means there is no need to waid through long tables of information to find the relevant stuff, and also that by the time the screen does get more complicated, you know what things are, ---- though compared to many other games of this sort unification wars isn't actually too bad for bombarding players with statistics.

Also on the access front, you can choose whether to use a syple html page intended for slower connections with fewer graphics (which is more handy for screen readers, especially sinse it doesn't have a constantly refreshing chat pane). There is a game client which features sounds and music, ---- but how accessible or not this is is currently unknown, however the bog standard html should be fine.

Commercial wise donating to the game will get you some bonuses such as extra turns, more income, and the chance to play as some particularly rare races, ---- though it's by no means necessary, in fact the developers have specifically tried to insure that donating is optional rather than mandatory for progression.

A final rather nice feature is the ability to choose the time you play in, going from real time, in which turns refresh very quickly indeed, twice a day, or once a day, depending upon your level of commitment, thus unlike many stratogy games this isn't one you'll have to specifically walk away from unless you want to.

For more information you can Check out the manual here

All in all this is quite a refreshing take on a rather overused genre, and thus might be of interest, ---- especially to people who want somthing which is easy to get into and contains atmosphere as well as stat management.


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