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Unseen, The alpha missions

title:Unseen, The alpha missions
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Tursiops Truncatus Software
release:MAy 2011
last edit by:Dark


Unseen is the name of a set of puzzle games by Tursiops Truncatus software, with the Alpha missions being the first released in that set.

Playing as a Frizle, a small underground dwelling creature, each level sees you exploring a cave, and is completed when you find and pass through the exit. Of course, this is easier said than done. Some caves are mazes, often containing doors which may only be opened by switches. Others contain hazards and traps like ice, bottomless pits, shoots to propel you around the cave, deadly force fields and even hungry monsters that won't hesitate to make a meal out of you.

Of course,being an audio game, everything is represented by sound, however rather than trying to convey as much information in sound as possible, Unseen uses the audio to increase the challenge of the puzzles. For instance, you can move in the four cardinal directions with the arrow keys, and can touch objects in each direction one step away, but can get no more overview of the levels than this. Even the soundscape of the game contributes to the difficulty, as though some sounds such as dripping water in complex mazes and the location of enemy creatures are indicated by stereo positioning, other traps aren't. for instance if you are one step from a force field, you'll simply here it's sound in the centre and you'll need to use the touch commands to find out where it is precisely.

This deliberate lack of information, because it is part of the games' overall design (rather than sloppy development), actually contributes significantly to the challenge of playing and the logic required to solve each puzzle, ---- indeed sometimes part of the challenge is working out what exactly a given puzzle is.

The Alpha missions represents the first set of unseen missions to be released. This pack contains both the tutorial courses (originally released as part of the old Aura beta), where several teachers will take you through a number of training caves to get an idea of the game and it's elements (though note that not all elements are explained), and also 14 more levels to give an idea of what the unseen gaming experience is like.

with some fairly unique characters and sounds mixing cutesy elements with some quite challenging mazes and logic puzzles, many in the tradition of such well known mainstream puzzle games as sokoban and Supaplex, there is definitely a lot to recommend the game, and all the more reason to look forward to more Unseen missions in the future.


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