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Untold Rpg

title:Untold Rpg
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Ios, Android
features:text, sound, visuals
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Untold is a detailed, story based role playing game available for Ios and Android.

Waking on a beach, you have no memory of how you got there, only a mysterious silver medallion in hand, and memories of violence. In Untold, it is up to you to discover the truth of what happened and bring vengeance to a ruthless enemy, discovering skills, facing deadly challenging, and completing quests along the way.

The game's interface is simple enough, use the tabs across the bottom such as inventory, notifications, map and quests to track your progress, and choose your actions based on the text that appears. Uniquely however, combat in the game takes the form of active time battles, somewhat similar to those in A dark room, though with far more complex mechanics including weapon weight, special abilities and character strength taken into account.

The developer has put some exceptional work into the game's accessibility, making sure that notifications about enemy actions are correctly spoken with talkback and voiceover, and that the sounds for combat are informative.

The game has an initial free demo mode which will let you play through the start of the game, however to get the full experience, including a good eight hours of gameplay, with many choices, divergent story paths and multiple endings, you will need to buy the full game for 5 usd.

For those who want to learn more there is This page on Applevis, about the Ios version of the game.

With atmospheric music, an old school fantasy feel and an immersive world and style, this is definitely a treat for those who love exploring fantastical worlds.


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