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Urban Dead

title:Urban Dead
download page:No link!
developer:Kevan Davis
platform:Online web brouser
release:2005, ongoing
last edit by:Dark


Welcome to the Zombie appocalypse! Urban dead is a massive online role playing game set in the horrifically nostalgic background of a city where a plague has broken out which causes the dead to rise again as zombies, hungry for living flesh. With supplies in the city running low and the area under quarentine, things are looking grim for the survivers. Fortunately though, the Necrotech coorporation responsable for this horror has invented a method of resurrecting those turned to the undead, so maybe there's a chance after all, ----- provided all the survivers don't end up as undead fodder first!

In Urban dead you can choose to play as a surviver or a Zombie, and in true Rpg fashion must level up skillsand gain experience. This isn't however a hack and slash game, sinse skills include foraging for supplies in the ruined city, healing of the living and dead, and even growing zombie claws if you happen to be turned. As in real life, neither a lone zombie or surviver will have much chance, so roleplaying and banding together with others is a major part of the game.

The game also works on a system of action points, ---- with a character recieving a new point every 30 minutes. Actions such as moving, shooting at, healing or speaking to others all take one action point. While you cannot gain more action points in the game, it is possible to play as several alternative characters, thus increasing the time you'll spend on the game. Normally each player is limited to only 3 alternative characters maximum, however if $5 is donated to the game, ---- this limit is lifted and you can play as many zombies or survivers as you like.

Screen reader wise, as with many text rpgs Urban dead is incredibly accessible. A 3x3 grid at the top of each game page shows surrounding locations a character can move to. Chat messages appear further down the page, along with several list boxes for actions listing the characters or objects currently present and the actions each character can perform.

So if you fancy banding together with others for protection, ---- or just heading out for a mass dining experience, this is your game!

Further information about the game can be found Here on the urban dead wiki

Thanks goes to forum member Archer for information about this game.


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