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Vampires live

title:Vampires live
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platform:Ios, Android
features:text, sound, visuals
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Storm8 games abandoned all their competitive rpg titles in 2015 and removed them from the Ios ap store, so unfortunately there is no way of playing them anymore.

Vampires Live is the perfect solution if your on the go with your iPhone or iPad and want a quick bight. Set in a world of walking undead where humans are little more than ambulatory sources of blood and power, in Vampires live you take on the roll of a newly risen vampire, hungry and ready to dominate and subdue the undead world to your will. Recruit members to your vampire clan and become more powerful, use your supplies of blood to learn mystical abilities, carry out missions to terrorize the local humans and of course battle other vampires for status and renown.

In many ways, Vampires live can be said to be a mod of I mobsters. The principle gameplay involves acquiring mystical abilities such as Silent Travel or the ability to change form into a raven, and using these to battle other vampires. All abilities cost blood however, which makes having a steady supply of the red stuff highly important, and is also why many players spend time at lower levels accumulating income and inviting members to their clans, since the more members you have in a clan, the more abilities you can use in battle and the stronger you'll be. Another important aspect of the game is completing missions such as draining several humans or gaining teretory. You can earn both blood and experience from completing missions, but additionally, the more you practice several missions, the higher rank you will become in those missions, increasing your rewards and your loot, and also earning achievements or extra skill points along the way. One unique thing about Vampires is that you cannot sell abilities you acquire, meaning that your income is doubly important, whether that is from missions or captive slaves. Another rather unique aspect of the game is that in addition to attacking other vampires, vampires can also attack zombies from the game zombies live, and special defenses against those nasty flesh eating corpses can be acquired in the game should you want your vampire to be more protected against such creatures.

Like I mobsters, the game works on refresh wrates with your vampire gaining more energy to do missions, more frenzy to attack and slay other vampires, and (when you are high enough level), more blood from any slaves you manage to capture over time. Depending upon what class you choose, you might be an Overlord and gain more blood, a Berzerker gaining more frenzy, or a Day Walker with more energy for missions. These stats and the times at which they refresh can always be found towards the top of the screen in most screens in the game, plus when you start the game if you choose to have notifications turned on, information of when your various stats reach maximum, when your slaves yield more life giving blood, or when another vampire tries to attack you will be sent to the notifications center of your iPhone (it'll also be spoken by Voiceover if you have that feature enabled).

The rest of the Vampires Live interface also resembles that of I mobsters. The interface features five main tabs reached at the bottom of the screen, home, missions, abilities, attack and recruit, and information can be found on each tab by flicking around the screen. The home tab contains news of what has happened to your vampire recently, as well as your stats, links to your profile where you can view your achievements and also spend skill points to improve your character, and the slaves screen where you can acquire more victims to increase your hourly blood flow. There is also a link to visit the vampiric healer should you be damaged in combat, and to visit the blood bank where you can deposit your blood for safe keeping (though bare in mind there is a ten percent charge for doing this). The home screen is also where you can find the link to the vampire elders to exchange loyalty points for various favours.

The missions screen is where you do missions choosing your area of the night time city to stalk, with bonuses available if you increase your rank in missions by doing several again or do all the missions in one part of the city. The recruit screen is where you can invite other members to join your clan, and also view invites by other members. Abilities is where you buy abilities to add to your attack and defense, in either physical, sensory or transformation categories. Each ability has both an attack and defense stat, and when attacking another vampire or zombi or being attacked, you will use the best of either stat, and be able to use a larger number of abilities at once should you have more people in your vampire clan.

The attack screen is where you find a target to slay, be that a vampire or zombi. The game keeps things fair by giving you a selection of targits near your level, though you can of course check the bounty list if your feeling tough enough and earn some extra blood by hunting down people who've been put on that list.

The game is completely free to download and install, however you can donate to the game with a credit card to earn loyalty points. These can be spent at the vampire elders link on the home screen to earn some rare looted abilities, gain another clan member, have your stats refreshed early or gain a few extra pints of blood.

The one access point to be aware of is that the game pages do contain adds for other games. These can be generally ignored, however if you accidently click the button to enlarge the add panel, it will cover most of the screen and you will no longer be able to click on game links. You can get rid of this by either finding the close link for the add panel, or by turning off the game and restarting after a few minutes. Unfortunately, some of these add links are not labeled, so generally you should try not to click on any unlabeled buttons. This however is at most a miner hazard, and within a short time you won't even notice the adds (particularly since all relevant information for the game is contained in well organize panels at the top, bottom and middle of the screen). Also note that the settings link is an utterly inaccessible unlabeled image. This not only means that you need to be doubly careful when setting your notification settings when beginning the game (since you will not be able to change them later), but also that the Storm8 id system, by which a username can be created for all Storm8's titles by which friends can invite you, is utterly inaccessible to blind or vi players.

Playing on Android.

Though Vampires Live like all the Storm8 titles has been released for the Android platform, unfortunately the versions available on that system are completely inaccessible to screen reading programs, so if you would like to play the game you'll need an Ios device

Vampires live, while not a unique game does have the advantage of being able to be played quite casually. While the missions lack text, the awards and the extra sound effects for missions do give a level of interestt, and while the game does feature a pvp system and while you will be attacked, the random nature of the generation of the attack menue tends to mean that you won't be too badly hounded by other players. If your looking for a casual bit of fun that you can log into occasionally for a quick bight fight, Vampires live might serve well.

Additional Resources

The Storm8 official vampires live forum is a good place to look for new clan members and find out about the game.

There is also a Vampires live page on applevis

Raul Gillegos has also provided some very comprehensive introductory podcasts about the storm8 games, though they particularly cover and show Vampires live and Zombies live. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2, on making money can be found here

Happy bighting!


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