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Vandetta Crime

title:Vandetta Crime
download page:No link!
developer:Nonvision games
platform:Online web browser
features:text, visuals
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Vandetta crime is an online browser based game in which you compete with many other players to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld, gain respect and make cash, and eventually if your good enough, challenge others for the control of illegal operations right across the world.

The game revolves around several different activities, from making drugs, to employing prostitutes in the red light district, to owning various types of business from ammo factories to casino games, and of course committing a lot of crimes (from individual heists to organised crimes to robbing money trucks), not to mention battling against your fellow mobsters.

The principle way the game works is through timers. when carrying out an activity such as doing a crime, you will get a timer telling you how long it will take before you can do that activity again usually in the form of a set of digits of the hours, minutes and seconds, e.g 00:10:30 would mean you could do the activity in ten and a half hours. This means staggering your activities is a good idea, interspersing different things while online to make sure you make the most of your time, for example, alternating performing crimes with playing games at the casino or stealing and racing cars.

Some activities such as organised crimes are group ones, others like engaging in a mass robbery are ones people need to sign up for (in some situations therefore, having multiple windows or browser tabs open is recommended).

Of course, the timers also come into play should one of your operations go wrong and you end up in prison, but don't worry, sins you'll soon be back out on the streets for more mayhem, even if a fellow criminal doesn't bust you out earlier.

Though Vandetta crime is an intensively competitive game, there is a lot of careful balance to insure that not too many attacks happen. Firstly, "murdering" a player is a rather more serious action in the game, and can therefore be done less often. Secondly, you need to actively track down your target first, sincce they could be in one of several countries. Also, your amount of murders and attacks on other players is very limited, so don't worry about being offed too often.

As well as making money and rising in rank, the game also has a number of challenges and missions. These include daily quests , for example "steal 20 cars", or "play higher/lower six times" as well as more long term missions to teach you the mechanics of the game and keep things interesting, such as taking a specific type of car to a specific country or buying several of a given item for the mafia. The game takes place on a global world map with countries from China to Brazil, and activities in those countries ranging from bare knuckle fights in Russia to refugee smuggling in China. There are also goals and achievements available as well for when you perform a number of activities, not to mention riddles, questions and games run by the admins on a weekly basis, all in all you'll never be short of something to do.

The game, while not precisely designed for blind players, is nevertheless run by an administrator who himself uses a screen reader, therefore this is one of the most accessible games you will find. The game's pages are laid out with a number of standard links and headings, indeed on the main page there is a level 1 heading entitled "waiting times" which lets you see how much time you have before you can carry out certain actions again. other level 3 headings are used to find things like crimes to commit, casino games, local places in whatever country your in and other useful information , indeed most activities in the game can be done with just one click. This would make the game ideal for someone learning to use web pages with a screen reader, or indeed someone who just wants something with an easy going interface.

The only slightly problematic part is the signup, sinse that requires a graphical capcha code, however sending a mail to Pelantas at g mail dot com with character information such as desired username and password is all that is required.

during the game, the marxmanship minigame is also inaccessible, though it only offers minimal rewards and can be played by shooting at random.

The game is entirely free to signup and play, however there is an in game currency known as credits which can be bought through paypal or obtained in other ways such as casino games or just being an active player. Credits can be used to buy Vip membership days which open up certain areas of the game including making a criminal family with other players, training in the gym, and reducing all the waiting times in the game by %30, (though more Vip options may also be included in the future). Credits may also be used to get other bennifits such as more cash, protection from attacks or the like, see the credit exchange office for details.

When buying credits, also make sure to use the "maffia shop", option, which is both better for your cash exchange, and also insures most of the money goes to the none vision games developers.

Credits, extra cash and a lot of other rewards are also given out in a slew of weekly competitions, gifts and events run by the games admins and reported right here on the forums at audiogames.net. So to keep up-to-date with the latest freebies, keep a watch on This topic in our forum where of course you may also ask questions about the game or voice concerns.

With a very accessible interface, and a lot to do, Vendetta crime is the perfect stress reliever, and ideal for anyone who wants to go online and play out their thuggish impulses, just remember to avoid the pigs.


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