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developer:Bruce Cota
platform:Online, web browser
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WEBL is an acronym which stands for "the web boxing league", as you might imagine, this means its a sports management simulation in which you step into the ring (or at least the side of it), as the manager of a gym full of boxers all eager to compete for the world title.

The core to WEBL's gameplay involves first creating boxers and distributing stat points depending upon the style of fighter they're likely to be, then when your boxer is scheduled for a bout, constructing a fight plan giving them detailed instructions on how to box in each round. This includes distributing 20 energy points between aggression, power and defence, and also deciding where your boxer will target his blows and what fighting style he might use. As you can always get information on your opponent's previous bouts, the skill in the game comes from not only matching the style of your fight plan to your fighter's strengths, but also to try and predict how your opponent is likely to box.

This makes for a complex and involving game with elements of bluff, tactics and of course resource management, as well as something memorable for fans of the noble art of fisticuffs.

Complex though the game is, there plenty of help files and links to strategic guides to get you started, as well as the very valuable option to have your fighters sparring just to get an idea of how the system works.

The game's interface is very easy to navigate, with most relevant information as basic links across the webpage. Though some pages have a lot of information , all of it comes in the form of standard web controls such as combo boxes and buttons, for example when creating a fighter, there are individual text boxes for how to distribute stat points for chin, condition, strength etc, as well as several buttons which can instantly create a setup for a specific fighting style.

Constructing fight plans can either be done on a similar screen, with combo boxes for distributing 20 energy points each round, or for more advanced boxing fans can be done by simply writing instructions in the correct format, for example 8/6/4 H would tell your boxer to distribute 8 points into aggression, 6 into power and 4 into defence whilst going for your opponent's head.

with different weight divisions fighting each day and the chance to create as many fighters as you want, the WEBL Calendar is always a full one, and that is not counting the game's extensive player community, which includes a forum,an Irc channel and even a simulation Irc bot to test your boxers directly against others.

The game is entirely free to play and contains no paid content, though donations from those who enjoy WEBL are welcome.

With its vibrant atmosphere and deeply tactical game play, WEBL is a game that has won many hard core fans even among those are not boxing fanatics, so is well worth a look.


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