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Warriors 2

title:Warriors 2
download page:No link!
developer:Evol Interactive
platform:Online, web brouser
release:2000, ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


In Viking Myths, the warriors of valhalla fought each day only to be reborn at midnight to fight again. This is the guiding principle behind warriors 2 a massive online roleplaying game played in your web brouser.

Playing as a warrior from various races such as human Elf Dwarf or Troll, you attempt to explore the vast lands of Wolmark, conducting quests, fighting Monsters and discovering secrets in your attempt to rise to Godhood and take your place in Valhalla. Should you die, you will of course be reborn at midnight to carry on with your quest, ----- though the option to be reborn early is also available, ---- at a cost.

Warriors 2 works on a system of game turns, which your character may use to go on adventures in various locations across the world. Through performing adventures, you can discover other locations to visit such as weapon shops, paths to different places or inns, find weapons armour or gold, or run into various characters who will give you quests or information, challenge you to solve riddles or problems, join you on your travels ----- or perhaps try to kill you. The game also features some extremely! large dungeons to explore.

It's not all hack and slash thoughl. every so often your character will sit down beside a cosy fire for a rest, and then it's time for cooking, brewing potions or even tending to your animals. In all of these, your companions can play their part, sinse as well as squires and warriors who join you there are also cooks, healers and woods guides in need of employment who can aide your quest

Sinse even the entrances and exits to various zones must be discovered through adventuring, this is deffinately a game for those who like exploration, and the surprise of discovering the various places in the world of wolmark plays a big part in the game, ---- which is only enhanced by the fact that once you've completed your quest as one race, you can play as a different one, thus having other locations and possibilities open to you, and eventually the chance to play as a titan and of course take your place as a God.

Combat in the game is entirely automatic, ---- that is the combat is carried out instantly when you start a fight, which can make for some quick deaths if your wandering in places too dangerous for your warrior, ---- luckily you'll be resurrected next day.

though featuring a clan system and oppertunities to attack other players or challenge them to contests such as jousting, the game is much more focused on exploration than pvp, ---- though wars with other clans are possible if people wish to get involved in such things.

Warriors 2 works on a subscription basis. When starting the game you'll get 20 free days of full subscriber bennifits, such as extra turns each day, access to all in game locations and more quests and the chance to join clans. After that time, to continue with full access you need to pay a small subscription fee, ---- approximately 20 uusd for six months, though you are quite free to continue playing the free version of the game as well. It's also worth noting that many other offers, such chances to gain extra turns or days of subscription are available as well so that you can get even more for your money.

Being mostly textual the game is highly screen reader friendly, especially considdering that it often uses pop up boxes before selling or changing weapons. Though many images are used,they do have alt text lables, and the game master has shown himself to be highly open to accessibility suggestions as well.

Though perhaps not a game for those who like huge amounts of turn based combat, the epic questing nature of the game and the massive amount of hidden locations make warriors 2 perfect for fans of exploration, and highly worth checking out.


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