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genre:Strategy Games
platform:Windows, Steam
features:text, sound
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Warsim is an incredibly random and addictive game from the same developer as The waste. This time, rather than being an rpg, the game is (as you might imagine, a strategic simulation of war. Become ruler of the kingdom of Aslona, a tiny empire surrounded by enemies, with a rebellion on the point of overthrowing your government, bandits pillaging at will, and goblin clans hungrily eyeing up your populous. How you deal with these various problems and expand your kingdom is up to you.

You might bet gold on fights to the death in the arena , recruiting personal champions and earning massive amounts of cash which you could use to hire mercenaries to protect your kingdom. Alternatively, feel free to legalise slavery and buy in large forces of slave soldiers, break in to your own kingdom's bank, expand your Kingdom's trade, institute evil levels of taxation your population, or just buckle down and simply work on raising your troop count and buying defensive upgrades.

Defences are certainly something you'll need, since as well as rebels and bandits, there are a variety of surrounding independent kingdoms; created from a huge number of randomly generated races from ogres to dwarfs, lizardmen and gremlins, some of whom are just as eager to expand into your territory. On the other hand, you can always play diplomat, and ally with one set of kingdoms against another, or; if you become powerful enough, make other kingdoms your vassals to turn Aslona into a mighty empire

With a staggering amount of things to do, from taxing your people or seeing petitioners in your thrown room to exploring the realm, a huge quantity of randomly generated content (especially in terms of races and events), you can guarantee that this will be a long war.

As with The Wastes, Warsim is played as a menu driven game resembling an old Dos style console rpg where you press numbers to make choices, for example 1 to attack the rebels, 2 to attack bandits etc, (though unlike most Dos games it's fully compatible with all versions of Windows). The developer has included similar options to reduce ascii text for those using screen readers as in his previous game (just go to the options menu with 3 and use the disable ascii option), then use your favourite screen reader to read the window.

The final free version of the game can be downloaded from the above link, however the game has since become successful enough to be produced as a commercial title. New expansions in the commercial version not only add more randomness for the game to generate content from, but also an ever more diverse and increasing world to explore with it's own history. Drop into a variety of taverns for a drink with thuggish locals, Walk the streets (and possibly become ruler), of the villainous black market, discover distant trading posts, hidden settlements and powerful empires (and perhaps take them over for the glory of your Kingdom), probe the power of mysterious magical standing stones or weird temples, enter exotic bazaars full of magical artefacts, and learn the history of the world from musty old books, perhaps even open the the gates of the demonic realm. Complex as the demo version is, the commercial version adds a massive amount more to the game (including all new music), and at just 10 pounds, which is roughly 7 Us dollars or five euros, if you really want the experience of being a king or queen this is certainly a must have. The commercial version also gets extremely regular updates which add yet more new encounters, races, factions and other complexities to the game, often born from player suggestions.

You can buy the commercial version here on the indiependent gaming website Itch.io, or for those who prefer to tangle with the Steam client and it's less than friendly interface you can Find the steam version here

For tipss,strategy suggestions, and even some recommendations for the best pub crawls in the realm, you can check out Warsim's official Youtube channel Where the game's developer himself posts videos on various Warsim related matters.

More about Wastelander can be found on This page of the audiogames archive site

Happy ruling.


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