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genre:Strategy Games
developer:EDuardo Chimenos Sanchez de Badajoz
release:January, 2021
features:text, sound, visuals
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Westopia serves as something of an unofficial sequel to Fruitpot, moving the act of slot machines and gambling out of the casino, and off into the wild frontier.

With only a few wallers; the local currency, in hand, it's up to you to carve a path in the wild west wilderness, and found the new town of westopia. Beginning with pioneer wagons, or a local creak for water, erect more and more buildings on the prarie, through the forest, on the cattle ranche or in the vilalge to transform Westopia from an outlying settlement to a thriving metropolis, fending off disasters along the way; all it takes is cash and a little luck.

In Westopia, each building you put up is a new fruit machine, with it's own unique set of symbols, as well as different amounts of reels, lines or even different jackpots. Try to line up the symbols on machines with 3, 4, 5 or even 6 reels, and try to get lines when each reel holds up to five different symbols. Also as in fruitpot, strategically use your collection of holds, which pin a single reeel, or nudges which nudge a reel on to it's next symbol to up your odds of winning. Similarly, while winning some jackpots; as in fruitpot, simply takes lining up three symbols a few times to earn a large bonus, sometimes you might need to get a line of specific symbols, or get a large number of lines of special symbols to fill a mega jackpot.

As well as using your winnings to put up more buildings and grow your town, you also occasionally need to cope with disasters, from bandits rading the bank to a tornado taking out one of your buildings. Sometimes these disasters can be prevented, if you have helper badgers for the police, fire department or local cowboys to take a hand, though at other times you might find yourself needing to pay to build the building again.

As well as progressive building and a lot of fruit machines to play on, Westopia also features several other casino minigames playable at different wagons around your settlement, or directly through the games button if you have enough tokens, These include a couple of different lucky wheels, a skunk style shooting bottles game, and plingo, a skeeball like game which earns you extra helper badges.

Everything in the game has been designed to work seamlessly with voiceover, from the announcement of each spin of the fruit machine, or other minigames, to the various sound effects which denote what happens in the game. Just make sure to occasionally check the news in your news paper to see when new buildings become available, and remember to use the Westopia settings found under the Ios settings menu to alter the volume of music and sound, or delete your game progress.

the game is entirely free to download and play, though several extras may be bought to aid your progress, from converting real money to wallers and population, to packs of nudges, holds and casino tokens, though of course all can be obtained in the game itself with a little luck and a spin or two.

As is usual with ios title westopia has It's own page on applevis

By combining the addictive nature of progressive building and seeing your community grow, and the addictive nature of casino style gambling games, Westopia is a surprisingly adictive game all around, and absolutely perfect for when you want to kick back and relax.


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