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download page:link
genre:Word Games
developer:Kitchens Inc
release:may 2003
last edit by:Dark


Jim Kitchin's personal text version of the well known neck breaking word game. Guess letters until you work out what word the computer has, for every wrong answer a part will be added onto the Hang man, ---- and when he's complete, he'll swing !

Jim's game includes several difficulty modes with more parts in the hang man, ---- IE chances to guess wrong before losing, at the lower levels, and gives you a choice between a 7000 regular word list or a 350 adult X rated word list to guess from. Your also given the vague subject, ---- such as animal, person, place or thing to help you out.

Various review keys are also in the game, such as the ability to have the synth attempt to pronounce the word, and the ability to have the letters spoken as phonetic alphabet, alpha, bravo, charlie etc.

A log file is kept for each game so you can see how your doing generally.

The game is self-voicing with ms Sapi and contains a number of humerus sound effects, including some especially nasty ones should you end up dangling on the end of a rope.

As all of Jim’s games install into the same folder you’ll need to install The winkit installer found here, which also adds many of the visual basic dependencies necessary to run not only Jim’s games, but many other’s on modern Windows, though if you have those already you can just download the above file.

Jim Kitchin sadly passed away on August the 2nd, 2015. To learn more about the late great Jim Kitchin and his vast collection of games, you can Visit the Kitchinsinc page on the Audiogames archive site Which also contains one giant installer so that you can get all of Jim's games in one handy package. Goodbye Jim, you will be sorely missed.


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