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World of Legends

title:World of Legends
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genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Rsl games
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World of legends is a fairly extensive text rpg written over the space of six months. The story begins with the Evil rune king, destroying your village and generally causing havoc across the land. It's up to you to go from neophyte to experienced adventurer, through 15 massive quests, to take him out and restore piece.

Even though it was written in 2006, the game' runs in a Dos style console window, and uses a dos style system of entering numeric commands from menus, though unlike most dos titles the game will run fine on modern windows.

A large amount of work has gone into creating a complex and quirky game with several character classes from the hard hitting warrior and scout to the bow wielding ranger, the jack of all trades thief and of course the powerful mage, all with their own weapons, skills and spells. The game also contains weapon and potion crafting, special abilities and even status effects such as poison and cursing too.

World of legends also features a range of quirky little asides, different mechanics and minigames from commanding of an army, to casino games, to mazes.

Exploring a number of varied locations opening across the game world going from the standard fantasy grasslands and planes to such places as rain forests, the underworld, and even the heavens makes for an incredibly epic feeling to the game.

Despite the sometimes rather haphazard writing, the huge range of options insure that there's always something new to do, and little touches of humour, ---- such as being able to exact vengeance upon the game's creator add some spice to the action.

Since the game runs in a console window, some direct screen review or use of a virtual cursor is recommended as the best way of playing, though the quick menu system of number commands insure that the game play is very smooth and you spend more time navigating the fantasy kingdom, than navigating the screen.

Though the developer's own original webpage and hosting for the game have long since disappeared from the internet, hosting is provided courtesy of the audiogames archive site.


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