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World of war

title:World of war
download page:link
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:nyanchan games
release:December 2011
last edit by:Dark


World of war is a space invaders like game and can in some ways be thought of as a homage to Judgement Day. The Developer Yukio Nozawa noticed that Judgement Day had severe problems running on Japanese computers, So attempted to create a game with a similar theme, where you hold off a vast fleet of attacking enemies from your base, earning trophies, minigames and other bonuses along the way.

Even if you have played judgement day however, there is stil a good reason to try World of War, sinse the game features several extra weapons like the speed machine gun and the accurate but slow firing shot gun, and some extra enemies thrown into the mix such as the bombers which drop down instantly when their shot and will damage you if your positioned undernieth.

The game has very simple controls. Move your gun with the left and right arrows, and shoot with the control key. To change weapons use either up and down arrows or the numbers 1-5, and hit H, L, S, R or N to speak your base's health, what level your on, your score, number of nukes or number of rockits.

The game has very high quality music and sound effects,, and an extremely hechtic atmosphere that should appeal to action fans. All menues, speaking of status info etc is done in English, though the original movies that explain the games' setting are stil in japanese, stil they are fun to listen too and lack of them deffinately doesn't lesson the enjoyment of the game. It uses Sapi to be self voicing, and the other good news is it's totally free to play.

The game is played by Gorthalen and Pitermach on their random Pg13 Podcast, as part of a general podcast about space invaders audio games, you can Find it here

A further guide about the game may be Read here on Jeff Rutkowski's site

Happy blasting.


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