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Worldsmith, game of worlds tournament

title:Worldsmith, game of worlds tournament
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Interactive fables
platform:Web browser, glulks
features:text, visuals
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Even beings as advanced as the Anemoi need to relax sometimes, and in the sceptom tower, that means one thing, the card game known as game of worlds. Ten thousand cycles have passed, and it's time for the next tournament. As a wild card entry, can you best your fellow worldsmith apprentices and use the cards you've drawn to guide your creatures to victory? Only time and strategy will tell.

Game of worlds is a companion game to interactive fables previous titles world smith. No puzzles this time, just you, your cards, and five battles between you and the championship.

The actual card game itself, though played by typing in command interactive fiction style, should definitely appeal to war and strategy fans. During the game, take control of one of two developing rival species. Each turn, you will develop further as a civilisation, from hunter/gatherer, to fully automated industrialisation. Also each turn, your population will grow, you will occasionally take territory, swell the ranks of your army and (if war is declared), engage in battles.

It is the job of the worldsmith players to help their species along by playing cards that affect this process. From declaring piece, to moving on the sun an age or two further towards extinction, to smighting your enemies with a plague, or giving your people a technological leg up, indeed many of the cards come with effects that last over multiple turns.

As well as choosing your own card, you are also equipped with five counter tokens, which you can use to negate a card your opponent plays, though of course they are free to do the same to you, or even counter your counter if they wish.

Destroy the others' species, or advance so far the other side is left behind, and you will be declared the winner and can move on to the next round of the tournament. Lose out, and it's over.

The game features the same interface as worldsmith (you'll also need to check the lower part of the screen to read some supplementary material), and can be played online at the above link. Additionally however, for those who want a quicker download, you can use the above download link to grab a standard Blorb file which should play with your favourite glulks interpreter.

Aditional resources

You can find the initial blog post about the game Here, though sadly Itch.io no longer seem to host the game.

For reviews and some other material, you can also see The game of worlds Interactive fiction wiki article

With a quick and easy to pick up game, yet the same rich history, compelling descriptions and amazing setting of worldsmith, game of worlds might well be a great introduction into that world for those struggling with their world building, or indeed be a quick,,well thought out strategical ccg style card game for anyone who wants to play


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