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download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
platform:Windows, Web, Linux
release:July, 2021
features:text, sound, visuals
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Wurmus, is Shiftbacktic's entry in the 2021 Blind2 Jam competition. Like Orobbbus, Wurmus is more of a fast actionn arcade experience, than a slow audio exploration, although it certainly contains the unique audio experience that you'd expect from shiftbacktic's. games.

A combination of the popular Snake, as well as the traditional game of Tag, Wurmus is a simple game to understand, albeit a rather tricky game in execution.

As in tag, the player who is, "it", must run around trying to catch other players. However, once caught a player links behind "it", to form a long snake or worm. If another player can get between the head and any of the tale players, those players are lost from the worm. Similarly, if a player gets between the head and the next player on, the worm is beheaded, and the game ends.

In Wurmus, you are always the one who is it, and thus head of the worm. Use either mouse joypad or first person keyboard commands to run after the other players, attempting to add them to your expanding worm, while trying to avoid them chopping your worm down to size. The longer you can survive without the head of your worm being knocked off, (and the longer you can get your worm to be), the more points you score.

As well as other players whose footsteps you'll hear running around (along with a pleasant horn like tone when you've got someone in your sights), you will occasionally also collect powerups, such as a taunt, which will make other players run away from you, Invinsibility, or a temporary attract power up, which will cause other players to run straight at your worm's head ready to be captured.

With fast and addictive gameplay, some simple graphics, and keeping of high scores in addition to the wonderfully retro background, you'll find these worms are hard to get rid of.

You can use the above download link to find the windows and linux versions on the game website Itch.io, or alternatively, to get going straight away you can Play here directly in your web browser, don't forget to check out This game manual, for instructions.

Happy worming.


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