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Zero sight: extended operations

title:Zero sight: extended operations
download page:No link!
genre:Simulation games
developer:Shard workshop
release:May 2012
last edit by:Dark


Zero site extended operations is exactly what you would expect from the name, a very complete expantion of the Zero site flight action game. Not actually a sequal, extended operations involves all the same complex 3d flying and airial combat of the original, but adds new missions, features, and some extended options to make the game even more replayable.

first and most obviously, there are 8 new maps and 8 new missions which take place after those in the original game. The new maps however have a nasty twist, sinse now they contain terrain such as hills or mountains which will cause severe problems for pilots flying too low and not paying attention. Fortunately, your lb1117 aircraft has also received some modifications to help, these include a devastating new weapon, the mk20 clusterbomb for taking out ground based targits. You also have the ability to call a fuel tanker and engage in mid air refueling if your far from an allied airport, though this might require some fancy flying. At least though now if all does go wrong you can eject from your plane and attempt a successfull landing, ---- though take care especially in stormy weather or you might just end up imitating one of those cluster bombs yourself!

As well as these new features, Zero Sight extended operations also offers the ability to generate random missions for you to complete, insuring that your war against the enemy hoards will be truly never ending. Missions can be of three types, destroying an enemy plane or ground vehicle before it reaches the edge of the map, or flying a three point patrol. As in the standard zero site, all your completed missions, as well as your success in taking off, landing, airial refuelling or ejecting as well as how many enemies you've destroyed is collected in a statistics file for you to view later.

Apart from the new features, gameplay exactly resembles Zero sight, which means the game is utterly self voicing and no screen reader is necessary, also like Shard workshop's first game, though the game is played in English, the instruction manual is also available in the developer's native Italian.

Zero sight: extended operations is not actually a stand alone game, so you'll need to have original zero sight installed in order to play it. This means there is unfortunately no demo, though if you enjoy the original Zero sight, odds are you'll have a lot of fun with the expantion too, and sinse it costs just 10 dollars to buy it's certainly worth it if your a fan of the first game.

Additional Resources.

As with the first Zero site, This patch is available to upgrade to the latest version which squashes some bugs and adds a couple of handy extras such as keys for checking your amount of missile countermeasures.

Leading up to the release of the game, Shard workshop recorded several dev diaries, discussing and demonstrating the new features of the expantion:

The airial combat diary can be found here

The terrain dev diary can be found here

the ejection dev diary can be found here

The random missions dev diary can be found here

and The mk20 clusterbombs dev diary can be found here

Happy flying!


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