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Zombies, run

title:Zombies, run
download page:No link!
developer:Six to Start & Naomi Alderman
platform:Ios, Android, plus your feet!
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Welcome to the end of the world. Humanity has been ravaged by a virus which causes the dead to rise again as mindless, flesh eating monsters, and most of what constituted civilisation is now in ruins. Survivors across the country have split into small, well defended communities. With power and fuel at a premium and internet servers down the only line of communication between these settlements are the runners, those men and women brave, reckless and fit enough to dash across the devastated world, grabbing up supplies where they can, helping out lone survivors and passing on vital information, with the zombie hoard always snapping at their heals.

Welcome runner five to new able township. Sent by your military leaders to help out where you can, join the other new able runners as they struggle to keep the community up and running. Make friends and enemies such as the dedicated doctor Mires or the gruff major, and listen closely to the offbeat advice of Sam, Able's runner coordinator who guides you through your missions; when he's not distracted by tabletop games or geek culture.

As you complete missions, you can also use the supplies you gain to expand new able township itself. Build more houses for survivors, a hospital to treat the wounded, or expand the township's defences, after all it's not just the undead you need to worry about, since some of new able's enemies are very very much alive! As well as supplies, watch out for artefacts and special bonus items, which will let you piece together the story of how the zombie outbreak started and just who is responsible, even as you complete further missions for Able township and delve deeper into the post virus world.

You might be wondering how you complete these missions and gather your supplies. The answer is by running. Though playable on an Ios or Android device, the actual way you progress in the game is by putting that device in your pocket and pumping your feet up and down! Every mission takes a certain amount of time or distance to complete, and only by carrying on for that amount of time or that set distance will you progress through the story, unlock new items, and gather new supplies.

The game can track your distance via a gps, but for most visually impaired gamers who do not run with a partner, this is likely impractical. Fortunately, when running on a treadmill or mini trampoline, you can set the game to step counting, so that it tracks your distance travelled by how many paces you make. You can also alter your stride length to reflect different running conditions, EG running on a mini trampoline is far harder than running regularly, so you might need to give yourself an extra long stride length to compensate.

Alternatively, if you want to substitute running for cycling, rowing, weight lifting or some other form of exercise, you can have the game progress automatically by setting it's speed, just be careful that your exercising doesn't knock off your headphones.

If you really want to make running for your life realistic, try enabling zombie chases, and hearing the undead groans behind you as you speed up. Don't worry, if they get too close you can get them off your tale by dropping supplies, however if you manage to run a little faster and outpace the dead heads, you might get an extra bonus.

The game's missions are mainly organised into seasons of 30 or 40 episodes each, each episode lasting roughly 20 minutes run or 5k, though you can set matters differently if you wish. In addition, six different race missions are available set between seasons 1 and 2 which fill in some of the background about the scientists behind the zombie outbreak.

You can also choose to undertake a few more routine tasks for able township too, gathering supplies, decoying zombies away from the base or grabbing some extra fuel. These come with different background clips depending upon how many seasons you've unlocked. If this wasn't enough, there is also Able's own radio station which can be played after each mission, or simply to background a free run. Get to know ammeter dj's Jack and Eugene, how they met, and get a bit more background to life in Able between your dangerous missions.

If all that wasn't enough,Zombies run can also help you through the corona virus thanks to their new set of home run workouts. Follow along with exercises from bicep curls to chair lifts as you hear radio signals from various characters around able, trapped in doors by a super haord.

As well as customising your time and step counting, you can also engage directly in 5k, 10 K or marathon training, with zombies run providing you audio as well as instructions as to when to speedup or cool down.

Tired of outrunning zombies? No problem, since Zombies, run also has several other adventurous scenarios for you to run against. Journey to a 22nd century Venus colony in Venus rising to face alien and technological horror, step into a roman legionaries boots and deliver messages across Hadrian's wall in Britannia, or run to the deep for a submarine adventure. Though these adventures won't contribute to your zombie survivor base building supplies, you will still be able to gather artefacts and other mementos of your adventures to look over later. .

the game is entirely free to play, however in the free version you may only unlock one mission a week, and several of the more complex options to modify your run, such as changing the frequency or speed of zombie chases, are not available to you. You can buy extra missions at a cost of 5 usd for a season pass, and since each season holds 30 or 40 missions, that's not bad going. However, alternatively 34 usd a year or 5 usd a month will get you membership in the able runners club. This gives you instant access to all current and future missions and new adventures, a faster rate of supply and artefact collection, access to all features of the game, and free use of the zombie link web site Found here, which can be used to track your stats, look what supplies or artifacts you've gathered, and even send you grateful emails from able's residents, your spaceship's crew on the Venus mission or other friends you might meet along the way.

In addition, the zombies run team also occasionally run virtual races in which you and all other zombies run members across the world can compete. These are special one time only audios, but usually come with free real world items like T shirts, certificates and more. For details see the news on the main site, or check the ap.

A great deal of work has also gone into making the zombies run ap as accessible as possible, indeed even activities like building new structures on your base, expanding the grid of your base's ground to build more items, or viewing photographs and other artefacts you collect are entirely possible with Voiceover or talkback. Indeed, the only inaccessible part of the ap are airlift missions, in which you must run to a real world location to grab a supply crate (and that more due to the inaccessibility of the real world than anything else.

With literally hundreds of missions and adventures, with new ones coming out monthly, plus many prizes to earn and even a little strategic building to undertake, Zombies run is not only a completely awesome game with great audio and atmosphere, but also a fantastic way to get into exercising, whether your a super fitness fan or just wanting to get a bit more active, you'll find yourself wanting to quite literally go that extra mile just to get that mission done or earn those last few supplies, after all, who knows when you might really need to outrun a zombie!


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