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genre:Side Scroller
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Zompocalypse is an upcoming side scrolling hack n slash from the well known Lworks. Rather than playing a virtuous superhero bent on saving the world as in superliam in zompocalypse your goal is just to survive, and if survival means quite literally skull smashing your way through a hoard of shambling undead monstrosities, ---- well that's what happens when the zombies are in charge.

The game is wonderfully symple to play. run left and right using either the arrow keys or the J K L and I keys, (use the up arrow or I then hold left or right to jump), and use the control key to destroy various nasties around you you'll hear in the sterrio field. Your standard weapon is a rake you grab from your back door, a melee weapon with close range but some great rapid fire combos (yes, you can now combo with a gardening tool). You also start with a handgun but note it has limited amo. Rather than the usual walk right constantly approach, the game requires you to slay groups of undead before moving on, rather like old school side scrolling beatemup games such as Final fight or streets of rage.

The full game will involve 17 levels of none stop action, taking you from your backyard to the depths of a secret lab in course of finding and stopping the zombie plague. The initial concept demo Liam has released contains three levels, the backyard, the town square, and the graveyard, each introducing a new type of undead for you to slay (even zombified birds), and ending with a confrontation with a hulking boss zombie.

The game uses microsoft sapi for some of it's output, though most things in the game are self voiced, in particular the sounds of the various zombies and your attempts to slay them are of extremely high quality, and with the hard rock soundtrack pumping away in the background you'll be looking around for armies of darkness in no time.

One particularly unique aspect of the game is the ability to use points you acquire during each level to buy other weapons, amo or health upgrades, including a rapid fire machine gun and a shotgun which does hefty damage but fires slowly. And since you get more points for using melee weapons and for clearing a level quickly, it's recommended to practice your rake swinging. Apparently many more weapons, including some specialised unlockable ones, will be available in the full game.

For more about Lworks and their other games you can Visit the Lworks page on the audiogames archive site

If the concept demo is anything to go by, the game should be an undead action fest which even Bruce Camble would be proud of.


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