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genre:Arcade Games
platform:online (Flash)
features:sound, visuals
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This free online audio game by SonoKids has a great theme: to chase Banjo-Aliens in the Sound-Forest! Banjo-Aliens? Errm yes, and you'd better be ready!
The game takes place in a big forest. Somewhere between the trees the Banjo-Aliens are hiding. These aliens play the banjo (and that's why they are called the... uhm). You move around using the arrow-keys. If you hear a banjo, you can shoot at the Alien (and his Banjo) by pressing the spacebar. But be careful: among the trees there are also completely innocent violin-players travelling happily through the woods. They are clearly not bothered (like you) by the presence of the Banjo-Aliens. Well, better not shoot at those guys since you'll lose a point for each violin-player! Each Banjo-Alien will raise your score with one point. Your score is placed online so you can compete with other Banjobusters. If you have a spare minute online, check it out!

Note that the sonokids site isn't around anymore, and even with macromedia flash now becoming a depricated technology, odds are Banjo buster might be lost to the forests of history.

BanjoBuster screenshot - several (eleven to be exact) cartoon trees make up a tiny forest. Underneath there's white bar with the score, which shows three pictures of a banjo alien, meaning a score of 3.


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