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Battle on the Seas

title:Battle on the Seas
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:Softcon Games
features:text, sound
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Battle on the Seas is a game by Softcon games and Travis Siegel. It is an accessible version of Battle Ship. You play against the computer in an effort to sink all four of his ships before he sinks yours.

The computer isn't very smart, so you should have no trouble winning this pre-release version, though actual release versions will include computer strategy as well as player to player battles over the internet.

When the game first starts, it will prompt you for the locations of your ships.  Coordinates should be entered in the form: a1,j10 (two letter number combinations separated by a comma).

There are four ships, and they range in length from 2 to 5 units long. The first ship is 2 spaces long, and is called your destroyer. Placing your ships is as simple as entering the coordinates, and then
play begins.

You go first, and your coordinates should take the form of a letter and a number, such as A1 or F3.
Each time you enter a coordinate set, the computer will play sounds of bombs dropping, then either a pplash if it missed, or an explosion if it hit.
Simply keep entering coordinates until either you or the computer has sunk all of the ships of the other party. In this pre-release version, it's very hard to loose, since the computer doesn't follow-up on hits, but simply randomly selects another spot on the board, then bombs away.

\When you or the computer sinks a ship, you will hear the sound of the ship flipping over and going into the water.  It's different from the other two sounds, so you won't missit.
There is still a lot of work to be done here, including finalizing the sounds to be used in the release version, so if you have any ideas/suggestions, let us know, and we'll see about incorporating them
into the final release.


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