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Change Reaction

title:Change Reaction
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Draconis Entertainment
platform:Windows, mac
last edit by:Richard


Change reaction is an audio action/puzzle game in the style of games such as columns or gemdrop. The player begins with 13 piles of American coins of different denominations, Pennies, nickles, Dimes, quarters and dollars, arranged in piles of 13 coins in 9 different stacks from left to right. The object of the game is to clear as many coins from the board as possible, adding them to your score (and your wallet). You do this by tossing successive coins onto the piles, in attempts to line up three coins together vertically or horizontally, causing them to blow up. You might also occasionally discover fizzing bombs, which cause greater distruction but need to be throne extra quickly. After a set amount of time, less on each difficulty mode, your score is tallied and you get to know (in precise dollar amounts), how much cash you've exploded. Clear the entire board, and you get to play a bonus round for extra money.

As of December 2012, Draconis Entertainment have been making extensive updates to the game. There is now a mac version (as well as the above windows version), available in the Mac ap store, which not only has newer (and better quality), sounds and music, but also adds features such as two new difficulty modes to keep things interesting namely payday, in which you have only 7 piles of coins but must wrack up as high a score as possible without destroying all the coins in a different pile, and panic, a mode with many extra bombs in which clearing the board spells defeat.

The games controls are extremely symple, with left and right arrows moving through the stacks, up arrow to speak the coin in hand and space to throw. In addition, the games audio, music and sound effects are of extremely high quality, for example you can tell how many coins are in each stack by the pitch of the voice that speaks the names of the coins. The game is also entirely self voicing, though it reads some details such as score and the tutorial using the system voice over voice on mac, or the default Sapi voice on Windows. The demo of the game exists in the form of the Draconis Showcase, which allows you to trial all of their next generation games.

For more information you can Read about the game on The Applevis Site and Hear this podcast for a more detailed demonstration, (though the podcast is for the Mac version the windows version is the same).

To find out more about Draconis and their games, see The draconis page on the Audiogames archive site

Happy Paying.

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