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Descent Into Madness

title:Descent Into Madness
download page:link
genre:Audio Adventures
developer:Sounds Like Fun
last edit by:Richard


Descent into Madness is a horror-themed adventure game from the team of students of the University of North Carolina who name themselves "Sounds Like Fun" and who previously developed Sonic Zoom.

The story of the game is that you awaken one day to find that you have been kidnapped! Starting with no idea where you are, you slowly piece together clues that you have been the test subject of a scientist trying to find a cure for his wifeís maddening disease. However, the experiments have had the unforunate consequence of driving their subjects mad as well. Now itís up to you to find a cure for yourself and escape before you experience the same fate of the 51 test subjects before you.

There are no visuals Ė the game plays like an elaborate spoken story. The gameplay is similar to old computer adventure games. There are three actions a player can choose: Move, Use Item and Examine. The player solves puzzles and unpieces the story through voice recordings left behind by the scientist. The only controls are the arrow keys, the space bar, and the esc key, which are all relatively easy to find for a blind user. The game contains over 300 sound files.

The goal of the project is to create a framework that allows other people to program their own stories and puzzles as well. Currently, user-created content still requires a bit of programming experience, but a secondary goal is to make user-created content easier to create through text-to-speech and scripting tools.

The game unfortunately encounters an error during saving, thus requiring you to play through in one sitting, however considdering that the game is comparatively short this isn't too much of a problem. If you are stuck, you can also try listening to this audio walkthru from blind cooltech though note it contains a full run of the game and so should be considdered a very major spoiler.


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