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Dreamy train

title:Dreamy train
download page:No link!
genre:Japanese games
developer:Galaxy Laboratory
features:text, sound
last edit by:aaron


Dreamy Train is an arcade style train simulator. It is the first shareware project by Galaxy Laboratory, makers of Shadow Rine Fullvoice, but is a much more relaxing style of game.

You travel, as a train driver, around a place called The Dream Continent. You are introduced to a trainer who gets you registered with your nickname (though note that this is basically a single player experience, with online rankings available). After that, you are introduced to the game's main menu and there are many modes waiting for you.

In Dreamy Mode, you go on courses, but you cannot choose your vehicle. You start off with a training course with a train called the Elementa. Here, you learn about how to drive the train, you learn to deal with speed limits, and you have to stop as near as possible to the station, although the game does let you pass a section of a course as long as you don't go over a certain distance past the station stop.

Unlike TubeSim, you do not have to check the systems of the train, this is done for you, and you just concentrate on the driving. Each vehicle in the game also has different sounds, speed and performance. There are also trophies to earn, in this game they are called titles, everything from using an item for the first time, to total number of points, whilst within the dreambox, you can use your dream coins to buy more unlockables, such as little audio drama segments about your adventures, or in game music to listen to..

This game is in Japanese, so you will either have to use Google Translate, or another translating method, to help you play. The game also acts as a trial, which will let you try the first three courses in Dreamy Mode. You can purchase the full version using PayPal, from the game's website.

With a lot of courses, vehicles and unlockables to earn, plus courses ranging from easy to very long, Dreamy Train may be a game that will keep you busy for a while, in fact, it is designed to do so, because throughout the real life year, you will come across special events each month, these will play special recordings, give you extra titles, and, very occasionally, let you access special courses. So, with all this content, DreamyTrain will, indeed, keep you busy for a long time.


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