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Not to be confused with the older game duckhunter, duckblaster, pigion panic, chicken killer or any of the other audio games where you shoot at various flying birds, Duckhunt is Lwork's free audio remake of one of the most popular games of the Nes.

With all original sfx and music, Duckhunt is an arcade targiting shooter where you attempt to wrack up a high score by shooting down flying duckss, ---- or as close as Nes 8 bit sound can come to ducks anyway. Left and right to move your gun, space to shoot when the targit is centered, keep going through progressively faster shootables until you miss too many. .

The game offers several modes of play which you can cycle betwene with space bar. There is the standard single duck mode, a two ducks mode which features, ---- mmm, two ducks flying at once, and a very difficult clay pigion shooting mode where you need to first exactly center the sound of the rising pigions, then wait until they are close enough to hit (note though that this requires very precise targiting indeed). Each round features ten targits, hit more than six to continue, less than six and it's game over.

Sinse all sounds are Nes originals, this deffinately has the 80's classic arcade feeling, though with the addition of Sapi to make the game self voicing.

Happy shooting!

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