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Dungeons and such

title:Dungeons and such
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Genki Mine
release:Unknown, ongoing
features:text, sound, visuals
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South of the great Hornmaire continant lies the small island of Eunaba. Thus far insignifcant, since the princess was taken by an unknown evil, hoards of mercinaries flock to the island to brave the caves to save her; and earn huge rewards in the process. This is the opening scenario of Dungeons and such, a game that definitely lives up to it's name.

As you might gather from the above very original story, Dungeons and such is an absolutely classic dungeon crawling rpg game. Starting off in the town, purchase equipment and then head into the monster filled depths, descending into the gloom one encounter at a time. Use your home stone to teleport yourself back when things are getting tough, before gearing up for another dungeon dive.

The game does a great job of introducing different mechanics as you play. To begin, simply tap on a monster to attack, or flick through different monsters to select multiple attack targets. As the game continues however, you are introduced to magic and special techniques, affects like poison and sleep, forging different weapons and armour, and even hiring other players (controlled by the computer), to fight on your behalf. You can even build a house or catch monsters as pets.

The developer has shown a really awesome commitment to the game's accessibility. Most of what you need to do to interact with the game's elements, is now standard buttons and areas to flick through, with voiceover automatically reading the text like the results of your attacks and decisions. Sometimes when interacting with Npc dialogues it's necessary to double tap and wait a little, though this doesn't present too much trouble to anyone with patience.

The light or free version of the game will let you descend the first 10 levels and tackle the boss. However, to get access to all 50 floors of the dungeon, as well as potentially infinite loop throughs of the dungeon on higher levels with boosted enemies, meaning hours of addictive monster fighting fun.

With a lot of memorable npcs and monsters, game centrre achievements to earn, some very unique mechanics to master, and an old school soundtrack which gives atmosphere to some of your dungeon fighting, dungeons and such is definitely recommended for the casual or hardcore rpg fan alike.

As usual with Ios titles, the game also has It's own page on applevis found here.

Beware of monsters.


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