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Empires order

title:Empires order
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genre:Incremental games
platform:iOS, Android
release:April 2023
features:text, sound, visuals
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Empire's Order is a unique sci-fi game that takes players on a journey to a distant planet in the galaxy where a precious ore is waiting to be mined. As the chosen one, it is up to you to settle on the planet, extract the ore, and deliver it to the Empire in a timely manner.

Players will have the ability to build their own deck, research new technologies, upgrade their equipment, trade with other players, and run operations with their agents. With a variety of gameplay options and the use of all means necessary to deliver the ore, Empire's Order offers an engaging and challenging rogue-lite incremental deck-building experience.

The game features 42 different cards, 37 different buildings, 33 events, and 84 achievements, as well as a variety of events, perks, and specializations to keep players engaged and challenged.

Empire’s Order is a rather unique game, combining elements of card games like Slay the Spire and various incremental games. Each game begins, like the description says, with you setting up a colony on a planet to deliver ore to your emperor. You have 10 turns to meet the quota for the year. During every turn, you have a couple of things you can do.

You’ll spend the majority of your time playing cards from your deck on the cards tab, which will at first start out only with cards that give you more coins and food. Like in other card games of this type, each card has an energy cost, which limits you on how many cards you can play. When you use up all of your energy, the turn ends and time advances forward. Playing cards to gain more money isn’t increasing your mining production, but this is where the “build” tab comes in. This is where you can use the coins you’ve accumulated to buy new cards and buildings. At first, you’ll want to buy some research cards which, when played, will give you a new resource – science, which can be used to research new kinds of technology on its tab. It’s here that you can research the art of mining, and buy your first handful of drills to start gathering ore.

Playing basic drill cards will let you meet your first quota, but you’ll quickly find yourself unable to keep up with the demands. This is where the complexity of the game comes in. There are many additional buildings you can purchase which will help you mine more ore that you unlocked after researching mining. However, running them requires you to also build houses for the people which will work in them, and after that having to both pay and feed those people. THat, in turn, will require you to research ways of both making more money and producing food. On top of all this, mining ore produces heat, which if unchecked causes massive explosions that can take out either one of your cards or buildings. And most actions you do in the game involving upgrades, whether that’s purchasing or researching something, will cause the inflation of that resource to rise, making future purchases/research more expensive. This is the main difficulty of the game, balancing all the stats as you grow your colony while also making sure to meet the emperor’s demands.

Fortunately, there are a few extra features to help you along. Religion allows you to combo a string of cards of the same color together to earn a bonus, and the operations center allows you to send agents on raiding parties to gain more resources quickly. Finally, progressing through the game will earn you more rewards. If you successfully survive 10 turns, you get to pick one of 3 randomly chosen perks to make the upcoming turns easier. However, in addition to picking a perk at the end of every year, you’ll also have to contend with new negative events which will make your life harder. When you do eventually lose the game, you’ll get so-called specialization points, which will make future playthroughs easier. You get these points for each successful year, and you unlock the specializations you can put them towards by completing achievements during the game, which will also give you permanent production bonuses.

The game is completely accessible with both VoiceOver on iOS and Android screen readers, and also includes a handful of pleasant sound effects and music to make gameplay more entertaining. So, if you like the idea of a game which will make you both think ahead but also react to things being thrown at you, Empire’s Order is worth a look!

You can find the iOS version here on the App Store, and [the Android version can be found here on Google Play.


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