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ESP Pinball Xtreme

title:ESP Pinball Xtreme
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Draconis Entertainment
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Draconis Entertainment has released the sequel to ESP Softworks'�very popular game ESP Pinball Classic: ESP Pinball Extreme (or EPX in short)! The following information was posted by the developers:

"Greetings pinball fanatics! Welcome to the awesome sequel to ESP Softworks' premiere release--ESP Pinball Extreme! This title promises to deliver adrenaline-pumping, hyper-cool pinball like you've never experienced before! Built on the ESP Pinball second generation audio engine, the sequel to one of accessible gaming's favorite game promises to deliver non-stoppable fun for all ages young and old alike!

While the pinball tables themselves have wildly varied themes, the object remains the same--score MEGA points by propelling a round, steel ball around an electronic and mechanical obstacle course bouncing it off bumpers, flippers, targets, switches, and gizmos at blazing speeds! Each theme has it's own obstacles and objectives, sound effects and ambience, and scoring system. ESP Pinball Extreme comes with six all-new completely different themed tables including Home Run, Sudwerks, Top Gun, and three more yet-to-be-announced out-of-this-world tables!

ESP Pinball Extreme starts with the best features of the original game and sports a cool brand-new interface, a whole slew of new high-quality sound effects, innovative table designs and many more features such as:

  • Six Very Cool, Brand-New Interactively Themed Tables
  • Great Ambient Sound Effects Including Dozens Upon Dozens Of New Ones!
  • All New Scoreboard That Allows Multiple Players!
  • Two Modes of Play: Classic and Accessible
  • Two difficulty levels: Normal and Insane
  • Fast-Action Game Play
  • ESP Score Server enabled
  • Includes An Accessible Editor To Create & Share Your Own Custom Tables!
  • Several New Table Gadgets & Gizmos
  • Quarterly High Score Contests For A Chance To Win A Special Collector's Edition Copy Of The Original ESP Pinball!
  • Cool Music For Each Table!
  • Capability to accept Expansion Packs from ESP Softworks and Adora Entertainment in the future!�
  • Lots of Cool CD Extras Including: All ESP Demos, The Original ESP Pinball Bloopers & Outtakes, Freebies, And More!"

You can listen to an .mp3 trailer through this link.

To find out more about Draconis and their games, see The draconis page on the Audiogames archive site.


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