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I Mobsters

title:I Mobsters
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features:text, sound, visuals
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Storm8 games abandoned all their competitive rpg titles in 2015 and removed them from the Ios ap store, so unfortunately there is no way of playing them anymore.

Fancy the world of crime anywhere you go? Like to make money while you're sleeping? Feel like having tons of firepower to scare off the meanest of crooks and having a family to scratch your back when you get attacked? iMobsters allows you to do this and more!

Set in a world where the mafia rules and the largest mobs win the war, iMobsters is neither original nor truly innovative, but does provide hours of free entertainment and the ability to be rewarded even when you're not playing. This realtime MMO requires little effort to play, letting you delv into different crimes ranging from shoplifting to grand theft auto. Earn cash by selling the items you loot, or own real estate and make tons of money by doing lots of nothing; the choice is really yours in this game as it has no true objective to true victory except living by the rules of scarface and the godfather to try and fashion yourself from the small time crook you start off as into the powerful don.

Upon beginning you will be presented with a tutorial which will guide you through completeing missions and jumpstart you well on your way to wealth. It is strongly advised that you complete everything in this tutorial to gain a better understanding of how things work if you plan on being a serious player. You will also get the chance to pick what kind of character you wish to play; choose from tycoon, muscle, or operative to gain money faster, attack more effectively, or engage in more criminal activity, respectively.

As you advance in levels you will earn skillpoints you can spend to improve your character's stats, energy, stamina, attack, defense, and health. You can level up by gaining experience which is gained by attacking other players/mobs or commiting crimes. More serious players tend to hang around at lower levels for longer periods of time, generating income through real estate so as to maximise their army and give their mob and mob families the best weaponry and protection possible. For those who do not wish to group with many people, it is possible to solo the game for the sake of backstory. The game is entirely free to play. One can, however, obtain favor points through creditcard purchase to exchange for in game cash and energy and health replenishments. AS the game is mostly reliant on text, play is fairly simple and straightforward, requiring you only to select and activate choices and actions which are handled by the game itself.

Playing on IOS:

You can search for and download the game from the apple app store; enable push notifications upon installing if you wish to be told you've been attacked, when the energy bar reaches full, and if you've obtained income while doing real estate. Upon launching the app, you will hear a short introductory sequence, after which, you may begin playing to your heart's content. Search the screen by either tapping around til you find things you are interested in, or flicking to the left and right to move to the previous or next item; activate the item if possible with doubletap.

Along the bottom of the screen you will find five tabs labeled home, missions, attack, equipment, and recruit. Doubletapping any of these will switch to the information that resides in that tab. Home will show you events related to your character, allow you to bank money to keep it safe, exchange favor points with the godfather for money, health and energy replenishment, visit the hospital, and view broadcasts sent by your mob/family. the missions tab lets you pick a crime to do. Once you've done the crime, the info on the screen is updated to reflect your success or failure. the attack tab will show you players who are in your attack range. To try and keep things fair, it is only possible to attack players who are at your level. This does not minimise the danger of loss however, as other players may have stronger and more better equipped mobs than yourself. You can buy and sell equipment as well as view what you already have through the equipment tab; grow your mob by inviting other members to it through the recruit tab.

All of these tabs may update themselves with relevant information if an occurance presents itself that the game feels you should be notified of. for instance, if you are invited to join someone else's mob the recruit tab will update itself to show you that you have a new item. Selecting the tab will then allow you to view and accept or deny the invitation as you see fit. Move to the top of the screen and navigate forward from this point to ensure you don't miss anything in a particular tab.

As previously stated, the game continues even when you are inactive. At these times, you may receive notifications if your screen is locked, alerting you of wins and losses and other important events. The phone may vibrate or play a sound to get your attention, and if voiceover is configured to do so, it will read the notification without you having to scroll to it, which is particularly useful if you are near your phone for the most part and wish to know of going ons and weather you should respond to them quickly or not. IN addition to this, the phone may vibrate during gameplay if you are attacked while playing, lose a battle, or fail a crime. Sounds are often played as well when performing actions though it is not necessary to learn these to play the game comfortably and are simply there to add to the mood.

The one access point to be aware of is that the game pages do contain adds for other games. These can be generally ignored, however if you accidently click the button to enlarge the add panel, it will cover most of the screen and you will no longer be able to click on game links. You can get rid of this by either finding the close link for the add panel, or by turning off the game and restarting after a few minutes. unfortunately, some of these add links are not labeled, so generally you should try not to click on any unlabeled buttons. This however is at most a miner hazard, and within a short time you won't even notice the adds (particularly since all relevant information for the game is contained in well organize panels at the top, bottom and middle of the screen).

Playing on android:

Though I mobsters like all the Storm8 titles has been released for the Android platform, (under the name A mobsters), unfortunately the versions available on that system are completely inaccessible to screen reading programs, so if you would like to play the game you'll need an Ios device.


Because of its simple nature, it is possible to miss out on the easter eggs this game has to offer, such as bonus missions that help unlock certain items and even other crimes and more expensive real estate. If you ever feel stuck, remember that the best players are camping, IE not attacking other players, taking it slow on the leveling, sometimes even going unarmed and selling all of their equipment to gain the most money possible. Losing attacks to often? Remember to invite your friends and family to your mob, as the more members in your mob, the more weapons and armor you can use to defend yourself. A mob with 100 players has a better chance against a mob of 90, even if those 90 are better equipped. Keep your cool and your patience, make friends, and get your hands dirty!

Additional resources

A good source of information about the game, from guides to requests to join mobs can be found on The official storm8 I mobsters forum

You can also learn more about the game on the I mobsters page on Applevis


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