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Keyboard Crazy

title:Keyboard Crazy
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
platform:Windows, Android
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This is another free game by VIPgameszone. The game idea was submitted by Jeff Rutkowski for a 'Free Audio Game'-competition. You can read about the other winners here.

The game is similar to Keyboard Wizzard. The computer calls out a variety of letters and numbers and you have to press the corresponding key to annihilate the letters and numbers. But it is not that sample. The letter is panned either to the left, centre or right. After pressing the corresponding key for the letter, you have to press the corresponding key for the side. If you hear a letter from the left side, you must hit the CTRL key. If you hear a letter in the centre, you must hit the space bar. If you hear a letter from the right side, you must hit the Enter key.
If you are in time, you�ll hear the key�s annihilation sound and earn points. If you are not in time, you�ll hear the key�s explosion sound. You�ll lose the game after 3 explosions.
Although this game doesn't seem to be a lot of fun compared to the massive visual games that are around now, it actually is! We would have prefered a real voice or at least a better sounding voice since sometimes it's hard to hear the difference between letters. Have a go at it!

A recent update has bought Keyboard Crazy to Android with Google play, although the title has been changed to "Vgz Crazy keyboard" and you use your virtual keypad instead of your desktop keyboard. You can Read about the Android version on this page

Before playing the Android version of the game, it might be useful to suspend your screen reader so that taps on the screen for the controls aren't transferd over to the game.

Though vipgameszone themselves seem to have vanished from the Internet somewhere around August of 2018, their games are still available thanks to the audiogames archive.

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