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Light Locator

title:Light Locator
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Lighttech Interactive
last edit by:Dark


Light locator is an odd combination of the old familiar guess the number game, and a side scrolling adventure.

In the game, take on the roll of special detective Henry Johnson. I'm not exactly sure what sort of detective he is, since while you might expect that a detective's job is to investigate crimes and catch criminals, the thing in Light Locator that Mr. Johnson is mostly responsible for detecting is a bomb, a huge, very powerful and extremely radioactive bomb at that.

In the game, a group of terrorists have planted said bomb in a tall sky scraper with 100 floors, each containing 10 rooms. Fortunately for you, the rooms are very empty, and the building is equipped with a highly efficient elevator system which can move up and down to any room on a floor. Unfortunately, your only method of detecting the bomb is a hand held Geiger counter which tracks it's radioactivity, meaning you need to use logic and deduction to find what room it's in and deactivate it. Even more unfortunately, your time is extremely limited. Depending upon the difficulty chosen, you could have as much as three minutes to find the bomb, or as little as a single minute, and since using the elevators and running from room to room takes time, expect to have a tough challenge ahead of you, especially in hard mode.

The game is entirely self-voicing, with great sound effects and a tense musical score, plus a bonus sound should you manage to track down the bomb on hard mode. Also, the game is free.

Though Lighttech's site has vanished from the internet, the fantastic audiogames archive has fortunately preserved all their software, plus This audio dependencies package, which might be of help if your having trouble running Lighttech's games on modern windows.


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