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Lords Of The Galaxy

title:Lords Of The Galaxy
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genre:Strategy Games
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Unfortunately, since at least January of 2018 Vipgameszone seems to have completely vanished from the internet. This means that not only are their games no longer available to buy, but even people who bought copies of their games cannot register them either.

Lords of the Galaxy is what might happen if you took the wellknown game of monopoly, sped forward in time a few hundred years, and upped the lethality level with laser guns, killer robots, monsters and meteorites.

the economic stratogy segment of the game works much as monopoly does. you move your spaceship around a circular arrangement of 64 planets (their locations set at random). when landing upon a free planet you have the option to buy it, forcing any of the five other players who land there to pay you wrent.

Also as in Monopoly, the planets are devided into sets or types, such as oxygen, synthesis and mining, and the more planets of a particular type you own, the more the wrent increases, from 20 coins for only one planet, up to 80 coins for all four.

Also as in monopoly, there are some types of planet which function differently, ---- namely the teleport and space truck stations. landing on a teleport station you can pay for transportation to the base, to a space truck station or to the nearest markit planet, while space trucks can be used to take you to any planet in the 65 planet wide galaxy you want (perfect for stealing the last planet of a specific type), and of course both space truck stops, and teleport stations may be bought.

Unlike monopoly though you require resources such as machines, or fuel for your spaceship to move, resources which are free on your own planets, but can be pretty expensive on the planets of other players. You can also buy resources for your planets, which, ---- everytime you complete a circuite of the galaxy, will pay cash to your account.

At Markit planets, you can buy all six sorts of resources, where as other planets only sell two kinds, which makes them great for stocking up your ship, or building up some serious capital. Also as in monopoly, to win and be crowned Lord of the Galaxy, you need to have the most amount of cash when all Planets are bought.

As you will quickly learn when playing the game, trading in the Galaxy is notrisk free, ---- and I don't mean financially! Everytime you travel betwene planets, you will play one of several minigames as you fly through space. Successfully piloting your spaceship through the various hazards rewards you with cash, and also gives you an oppertunity to grab the free floating coins which are mysteriously hovering around in the void, ---- however losing any of the games and crashing your ship will cost you valuable resources.

The games include using the arrow keys to avoid meteorites, navigate the maze of time, or steer your ship betwene beacons in Galaxy Curves (where you must also change your ship's engine power with the numbers 1-4 as the audio kews instruct). then, there is boosting your ship through a black hole zone by using the enter key and changing your ship's power with the numbers 1-3, and using your arrow keys to put up a shield against dangerous radiation pulses from pulsar flaires.

When landing on planets, you will also be attacked by enemies such as pirates, robots or monsters, each of which require a similar minigame to defeat, ---- such as sterrio targiting and changing gun power for the pirates and monsters, and pressing your enter key multiple times for the various sorts of robot. All these sorts of minigames may be practiced in the main menue, and many have special help which may be accessed with the space bar, which provides extra clues, ---- such as a bleeping sound on the meteorites game when your ship's in danger of crashing.

the game itself is self-voicing, with some incredibly high quality recorded speech and a truly exceptional variety of background sounds used for the game environments. As well as the game itself however, there is also a game manager portion which functions as a standard windows application and lets you create games, view statistics about the game, and connect to and message other players of the game across the net, ---- that's right! you can play lords of the Galaxy with up to five other players online, as well as against five computer controlled opponents.

As usual with vip gameszone, the demo will let you experience all functions of the game for a maximum of three days.

the game audio and variety of environments in this game is truly astonishing, therefore it's deffinately recommended, despite the fact that certain bugs and methods of gameplay can unbalance things quite a lot, ----- particularly the "exchange" option which lets you gamble your money on the various planets and more often than not double it. hopefully vip Gameszone will tighten up the gameplay and make things more balanced in future, sinse other than that this is a great game.

Even despite it's short comings in gameplay balance, this is a very nice game and well worth checking out.


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