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LWorks Arcade

title:LWorks Arcade
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L-Works Arcade (Volume 1) was a non-self-voicing game package of games produced by lworks in 2005 which included these five games:

  • Sticks: There are 21 sticks. You and the computer each take turns by removing one, two, or three sticks. Whoever takes the last stick loses.
  • Number Guess: A guess the number game where you get to choose the range of numbers you want to work with, and the difficulty level (how many guesses you get).
  • Tones: This is a version of Simon. You can select different difficulty levels.
  • Word Buster: Type in the word before the computer uncovers all of the letters. The computer will uncover a new letter in the word every few seconds, and it is your job to come up with the word before the whole word is uncovered.
  • Hangman: It's your regular hangman, in which you get to choose the length of word and the number of guesses you get.

The games used to be on sale for 12 usd, however Lworks is no longer selling or supporting the games. You can however download the demo version from the above link thanks to the Audiogames archive site which will let you play the sticks and number guess games, though there is currently no way to unlock the others.


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