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GMA Mine Buster

title:GMA Mine Buster
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:GMA Games
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Mine Buster is an accessible version of Microsoft�s Minesweeper. The object of this free game is to move around a grid, and from sound or word clues, determine where the mines are hidden, and flag them. Mine Buster is a game of logic and deductive reasoning, with a small bit of luck thrown in to keep it interesting.

Mine Buster provides three different grids. The easiest is an 8 by 8 grid. The next hardest is an 11 by 15 grid, and the most difficult is an 11 by 39 grid.
The arrow keys will move the cursor through the cells. A cell can be marked and unmarked using the spacebar. The Enter key explores the up to eight cells surrounding the cell at the cursor. If a mine is located at the cursor cell, the mine is detonated and you lose the game. Otherwise the game will start searching for mines. When mines are found the cell will be given a value from one to eight or clear. This indicates how many mines surround the cell. If the cell is clear, no mines surround the cell. If a cleared cell is set, the game will continue searching until it has cleared as many cells as it can. In this case, the cleared area will be surrounded with cells with mine count values of one or more. Mine Buster will also stop searching once it reaches the edge of the game board. The game will sound a tone (or speech, depending on your preferences) for each cell set or cleared.
You lose the game if you detonate a mine.

The following review was sent in by Marrie:

"Hello. It is a challenging game where you have to find all of the mines in a grid with out stepping on one yourself. This game is very accessible to the blind and does not need a screen reader. Check it out!"

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