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genre:Strategy Games
features:text, sound
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Nothing has been heard from the developers of the game in quite a number of years, and though you can still download the demo from the audiogames archive, there is no way to register the game, or even get a replacement key if you previously bought the game for a different system

Mississippi is a blind-accessible game available in both the German and English language. It is a trade-simulation game that takes place in the Wild West of 1770. In the game you learn that a distant uncle in America has died and that he has left you all of his money. In the game you have to use the money to gain more money, using a variety of�goods (for instance corn), of which the value may constantly change throughout the game. You earn money by�buying cheap goods and selling�them for more money.�But you can�also get rich by trying your luck in a casino. Your goal is to become the most powerful tradesman in the country. When you succeed you may even have the chance to become president of America!

A demo version is available . It is restricted to only run 4 years (in the game that is, so you can only play untill 1774). There are a few other restrictions, like a limited casino.


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