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Monopoly planet

title:Monopoly planet
url:No link!
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genre:Traditional games
release:December 2018
features:text, sound
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The developer for this game quite quickly disappeared, and the website and download links lead to a very dodgy site, so currently the game's status is unknown).

Everyone knows the Parker brothers classic Monopoly, the game in which six traditional pieces including an Iron, a sheep and a top hat all travel around a board representing a famous city, buying properties and utilities, hoping the other players land on squares they've bought so they can charge them massive amounts of rent and hopefully upgrade their properties to be even more expensive places to land on, with the ultimate aim to put everyone else out of business.

In their first title, LimeBerry software bring all the fun rules of Monopoly to the windows platform in a quick, easy to play package with a twist. All the rules are here, plus several computer opponents to choose between all of whom have different strategies, from the impulsive Amy, to the careful Loki. Whats more, if your tired of playing the standard Atlantic city board don't worry, since the game has other themes available, such as the wizarding world or Jerassic time, each with new squares, new cards and new sound effects, though you'll need to level up by playing games to earn the chance to play on them.

You can even use basic text file editing to create your own themes, computer opponents and other additions to the game, which can be submitted to LimeBerry software for inclusion in the full game.

The game outputs to Jaws, Microsoft Sapi nvdA, just remember to check the readme for the keys since it uses some slihgtly different key combinations to avoid conflicts, such as the s and w keys move through menus rather than the arrows. Best of all, the game is absolutely %100 free.

With a cheerful atmosphere, high quality music, unexpected sound effects and lots of tactical options, this is definitely a well polished version of the original board game which definitely shows how Monopoly became so popular.


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