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Mortal Maze

title:Mortal Maze
download page:link
genre:First person adventure
platform:Windows, Android
last edit by:Richard


Mortalmaze is a challenging and atmospheric free game by Vipgameszone, originally avaialble only for Windows but more recently ported to Android enabled smart phones via Google play. The principle of the game is simple enough, you are trapped in a 50 x 50 tyle wide maze and must find the exit. The problem, is that not only can the maze be completely random each game, but that it is full of locked doors, monsters and vampires.

In the game you move constantly forward, and can turn left or right. You can check your grid position, and sound will indicate when you hit a wall, pick up an item or find a door, while sounds to your left and right will indicate passages. This means careful planning and good direction skills will be necessary if you want to escape the maze alive.

To keep things interesting, there are aforementioned monsters and vampires in the maze with you. These can only be shot by silver bullets, (obviously these vampires think they're werwolves), which you can find throughout the maze if your lucky, though you'll have to search for them. When you encounter one of the maze's nasties you need to fire when it's in the center of the sterrio field, though note missing will cost you valuable amo.

The windows version may be downloaded on the above link, but to find out about the Android version (and read the top ten scores), see This page.

Before playing the Android version of the game, it might be useful to suspend your screen reader so that taps on the screen for the controls aren't transferd over to the game.

Happy mazing.

Though vipgameszone themselves seem to have vanished from the Internet somewhere around August of 2018, their games are still available thanks to the audiogames archive.


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