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Pacman Talks

title:Pacman Talks
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:PCS Games
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PacMan Talks is the latest game by PCS Games and also their first real Windows application. Published by GMA Games, it promises to be an audio game version of PacMan, the highly popular video arcade classic from the eighties. The objective of the game is the same as the original PacMan: zooming around in a simple pattern of passages, reaping havoc on the ghosts who want to scare the lives out of you. Enter a multi level audio environment, set in the world of weird arcade sounds and quick action.

The developers have taken extra care for the sound (and feel) of the original PacMan. The player is greeted with a compilation intro featuring the original PacMan sounds and Buckner&Garcia's 80's hit record PacMan Fever.
Pacman Talks has simple rules, You're Pacman, running from ghosts, and earning points by eating dots, super power pills and bonus objects. When powerful, you can scare those ghosts. But when your power is normal and get caught by a ghost, you lose a life, and go back to where you started. When you eat all the dots on a level, you go on to the next one where the ghosts get faster, smarter and harder to scare. When you lose all your lives, the game is over,

You move in any of four directions continuously and not in discrete turns such as in chess. The maze is the shape of a square bulls eye pattern. There are four rings of passages inside each other, with the ghosts home room at the center. The outer ring includes your starting area at the south center and a super power pill and an escape tunnel on each of the four corners in small alcoves. There is a safe place located some ware on the outer ring where the ghosts can't get you.

Spread along the passages are 174 dots that earn you points. You can use the sound of the left or right opening indicator, and the echo of your foot steps to find the side passages. If you wish, you can get additional navigational aid from Pacman describing what is in view. Many objects have their own sounds which you can learn about by hitting f1. This will lead you to a self voicing help menu.

When you play the game for the first time, you may want to choose training mode. If you do, ghosts will not move or attack you, but you can still scare them if you are in super power mode! If you bump a ghost or get within its reach, it will get you and you lose a life. This mode allows you to find out how loud the ghost voice gets when you get close. Training mode makes it easier to practice moving around the maze, and learning what the hot keys do without the ghost chasing you.

You can get by with knowing just a few hot keys. Most important are the arrows. To move Pacman continuously forward, hit the up arrow once. The left and right arrows turn Pacman left and right. To take one step forward, or stop, use the control up arrow key combination. You can check Pacman's distance to the nearest ghost with the space bar. Use the down arrow to turn around backwards. This is useful when Pacman needs to quickly flee from an attacking ghost in front of him. To quit the game, hit the escape key.

You can download the demo (version 1.1) through the link above which will allow you to play the first level of Pacman Talks. If you decide to purchase it, you will receive a registration key from the game vendor which can be entered when you start the game. This will allow you to continue to the other twenty three levels.

(Submitted by Phil Vlasak)

Here are the links to two more reviews:

Before developing a windows version, Phil created a packman game for Dos, though originally released as a commercial game, Phil has now released the Dos version for free and you can download it on this link though note it won't run on windows past Xp without Dos emulation.

Also, to find out more, check out the Pcs games page on the Audiogamesarchive

Beware the ghosts!


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