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Papa Sangre

title:Papa Sangre
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genre:First person adventure
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Sadly in 2016, Somethinelse utterly abandoned their games and all games development. This means that since they could no longer updating their games to work with current versions of Ios, they've been removed from the ap store, which, given the awesome quality of what was available is a dam shame.

Papasangre is both the name of the first game from Ios developer somethinelse, and of the Mexican God of the dead.

In the game, you wil be transported mysteriously to the pitch dark realm of Papasangre, a place of terrifying monsters and dangerous traps, with only a small floating whisp for company. Here, you must traverse the dark palaces of the cruel god of the dead in order to save the soul of someone close to you who has got lost.

The game therefore takes the form of an action/adventure with a distinct horror twist, all played in audio. Each level you will be presented with a new challenge in one of Papasangre's twisted palaces such as the Palace of Bones or the Palace of reads. To complete the challenge and move on, all you need to do is listen out for and collect a number of musical notes that open a door then head through it. Unfortunately though the halls of these palaces are far from empty, and the things who live in them love to meet, ---- and more often than not eat, or otherwise grusomely dispose of intruders.

The game therefore takes a basic, but at the same time quite unique approach to a first person interface in audio where you may tap the bottom left and right corners of the screen to move your two feet, and slide a finger across the top of the screen to turn. Move too quickly and you'll fall down, which is liable to alert the various nasties.

With a variety of puzzles and interesting ways to interact with your environment (including the monsters), doors to avoid opening, surfaces to walk on that either impeed your progress or alert enemies, the challenges of the game are quite diverse with new obstacles appearing each level. You may also be given the chance to sometimes save the soul of another person in trouble at risk of a little extra danger or inconvenience to yourself.

Another major highlight of the game is the high quality of it's audio, both in the presentation of the first person environment, (headphones are a must), and in the great atmospheric quality of the sounds, music and acting. Really, this is a game where listening to your characters' gorey end is as much an audio treat as simply completing the level, indeed the horror atmosphere of the game, with it's evil music, dark humour and gallory of grotesque monsters is one of it's major strengths.

Since one of the purposes of Papasangre was to introduce audio games and audio games to people who might not have played them before, you'll need voice over for the menus, though once you begin the game it is possible to continue on with each level by simply tapping the middle of the screen, since while you can play the levels with voice over on you will likely want to turn it off to free up the soundscape (while previous versions of the game sometimes had slowdown or other issues when running with voice over, this has been ironed out in the latest version). It is also worth noting that since you receive extensive instructions from your whispy companion before each level, Papasangre is an ideal first time title for anyone trying out audio games, though even for advanced audio gamers or people who know Somethinelse other titles, it's worth hearing these instructions for their rather dry humour and amusing comments. You'll also recieve similar comments when you die, which can both give you hints on how to complete the levels and a smile, thanks to your companion's gallows wit.

Though the game doesn't feature achievements or similar, it does have a full 25 levels of increasing difficulty, some of which have alternate endings. It's therefore highly worth the price of 7 usd or five British pounds you'll pay on the Ap store, (plus it is also often on sale and thus available for less as well).

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Papasangre is rapidly becoming thought of as a landmark title for the Iphone. With great sounds and atmosphere and gameplay which, while seemingly easy at first can prove surprisingly tricky later on, it is definitely worth adding to your collection especially if your a fan of high class audio horror and enjoy a generally scary experience.


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