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genre:Action Games
developer:BSC Games
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Pipe is in some ways a remake of the classic 1989 graphical game Pipe Mania, though also a very uniquely twisted concept from Bsc. Plummer Jo is a plummer bent on fixing the pipe systems of several cities around the world, and unlike some other plummers in game history he actually does this by plumming.

In the game you will need to move from left to right fixing pipes by going through the tool box and hammering them into place. You do this by quickly checking pipes with the up arrow and shift keys, and using control to hammer the right pipe into place, after which you must hit the right or left arrow to slide along to the next faulty section of piping. Of course, things don't remain that simple for long since at any time plummer Jo can be harassed by bees, angry dogs, bats and trip hazards. All of these obstacles take different methods to avoid, for example should you hear Plummer Jo trip you'll need to press the opposite arrow key of the last one you hit.

Of course in classic arcade tradition, as well as making your way through 14 ever increasingly difficult levels in each city, plus a couple of short bonus rounds, you'll be wracking up a high score, and though the Bsc website isn't around anymore for uploading it you can still get a game statistics file for competition.

Though originally released as a commercial game, with the closure of Bsc in 2013, Dan Zingaro agreed that the games could be made abandonware, so you can download both the game, and an unlock generator for registering it from the above page on the audiogames archive site.

You can here various recordings of the game Here on Raul gillegos' site including a ful playthrough on all difficulties.

With the issues so many people have encountered playing BSC games on modern windows, Daniel Nash created the very handy Bscfix program to help. This works extremely well and now means most of Bsc's titles can be played again. You can find the pack on the audiogames archive or directly with this download

Happy piping.


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