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Rail Racer

title:Rail Racer
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Racing Games
developer:Blind adrenalin simulations
release:June 2007
last edit by:Pitermach


The status of this game is unknown. Though Blind adrenaline is still around, links relating to Rail racer have been removed from their site, and nothing has been heard of the game in a long while. While the full version required internet activation to function so is most likely now unplayable, the demo can still be played without internet access or time restrictions. It can be downloaded from the audiogames archive linked above.

Rail Racer was the first game from Blind Adrenaline. In a future where most of the world's population have become blind, the sport of Rail racing becomes the new craze in technical high speed, high prophet, entertainment.

Unlike in a conventional motor racing game, in rail racer you race with a car attached to a single rail against your opponents on their own rails (like a multi track roller coaster). The game used a variety of control methods including the mouse or keyboard to control your vehicle. The mouse or keys acting like an accelerator pedal, so you push up for more acceleration, pull back for less, and shift gears with the left and right mouse buttons or arrow keys once your a high enough speed. Since loops in the track, which required acceleration and deceleration at the right point, and force fields, which can only be passed at a slower speed, played a large part in the track design, expert rail racing required far more than just jamming on the accelerator and hoping. .

To turn through track curves, you had to time your key presses or precisely move your mouse right and left to lean your racer into the curve. The skill here came in properly timing your lean so you enter the turn with the right amount of lean, and exit the turn as you straighten up, the better your timing, the higher your speed coming out of the turn.

but that's just the basic nuts and bolts of the gameplay. In your career as a Rail racer you had to manage fuel, put up racing fees and buy upgrades for your vehicle, customize your racer for different sorts of track, and build up your cash and experience so that you could unlock more difficult tracks

You could choose to race against an artificially intelligent racer called Art for a fixed cash prize, or compete online against other human players, betting your hard earned racing prophets on the outcome of the race. Blind adrenaline also regularly hosted racing tournaments and other rail racer events as well.

As well as racing on the tracks included in the game, you could also use the in built track editor to create your own racing tracks, or download others from the blind adrenaline site to test your skills .

A second version of the game was planned, which was to have included battle racing and the chance to slow down your opponent by firing gravity darts at them. Sadly never materialised, though the developer had several audio demonstrations of this new verson, and at some point in 2014, or so, even the old version sadly became unavailable.


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