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genre:Arcade Games
platform:Online (Shockwave)
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RatjePrak is the first audio game developed by SoundSupport (that's us from AudioGames.net as well). It was actually developed in a couple of hours time and Sander of the team did a very nice voice of the professor while having a severe cold :).
The game was part of a studentproject that focused on developing a fun website for blind children. Since we thought games would be a nice feature for the website we, and some other students, decided to make some small audio games.
The project (and RatjePrak) has been the foundation for every other audio game project afterwards, like Drive, The Curb Game, Demor and also this website, AudioGames.net.

In RatjePrak, the player has to deal with a laboratory that's filled with escaped mutated rats. The player has to try and squash all the rats ("RatjePrak" can be translated as "Squash-A-Rat" or "Flat-A-Rat"). This task is made difficult since large parts of the laboratory are electrified with a deadly current. But you are carrying a radio through which the professor, who caused al this mayhem, guides you through the laboratory.

The game is played with the mouse (the computer one that is, no pun intended :). By moving your mouse in the direction the professor says, you move safely through the laboratory. With the left mouse button you squash a rat (but only when you have found one).

The current game consists only of a demo of 4 simple rooms and is in the Dutch language only. It is by far not finished but still nice to try, especially when you've never used a mouse. We are thinking about making an improved English language version but for now, this is it!


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